Upcoming thesis defences

​This spring, several PhD students at FORCE will defend their theses. Everyone is welcome to attend!
​Cristian Czegledi, "Modeling and Compensation of Polarization Effects in Fiber-Optic Communication Systems"
March 23, 13.00 in HC2, opponent: Prof. Mark Shtaif, Univ. Tel Aviv

Attila Fülöp, "Fiber-optic communications with microresonator frequency combs”, April 9, 13.00 in Kollektorn, MC2, opponent: Prof. Kerry Vahala, Caltech

Henrik Eliasson, "All-optical fiber nonlinearity mitigation in long-haul transmission links”, May 9th, 10.00 in Kollektorn, MC2, opponent: Prof. Andrew Ellis, Aston Univ.

Emanuel Haglund, "VCSEL Cavity Engineering for High-Speed Modulation and Silicon Photonics Integration", May 28th, 10.00 in Kollektorn, MC2, opponent: Prof. Elyahou (Eli) Kapon, Laboratory of the Physics of Nanostructures, EPFL, Lausanne

Li Yan, ”Optimization, Design, and Analysis of Flexible-Grid Optical Networks with Physical-Layer Constraints”. June 12, 10.00, opponent: Prof. Vittorio Curri, Politecnico di Torino.

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