Strong presence of FORCE at ECOC 2020

​Different FORCE members have contributed to in a total of 10 papers at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), to be held virtualy  in Brussel, Belgium 6-10 December 2020. This includes 4 invited talks, 2 contributed papers with FORCE first authors and 4 papers with FORCE co-authors.
​Invited talks:
  • Mikael Mazur et al., "Multi-Channel Comb Modulation in Single Waveguide Structure
  • Ravikiran Karlaka et al., "One photon per bit communication for free-space optical links"
  • Marija Furdek et al., "Root Cause Analysis for Autonomous Optical Networks: A Physical Layer Security Use Case"
  • Peter Andrekson, "Phase-Sensitive Amplifiers in Optical Transmission System"
Contributed papers:
  • Zonglong He et al., "Look-up Table based Predistortion for Transmitter Employing High-Spectral-Efficiency Modulation Formats"
  • Ali Mirani et al., "Lattice-based geometric shaping"
Papers with FORCE co-authors:
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Required and Received SNRs in Coded Modulation"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Sparse-Dense MLC for Peak Power Constrained Channels"
  • Vinicius Oliari et al., "Logarithmic Perturbation Models in the Weak-Dispersion Regime with Applications to Passive Optical Networks"
  • Yuan Cao et al., "Mixed Relay Placement for Quantum Key Distribution Chain Deployment over Optical Networks"

Page manager Published: Wed 18 Nov 2020.