FORCE contributions to OFC 2018

​Different FORCE members have contributed to in total 11 presentations at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) to be held in San Diego, California 15-15 March 2018. This includes one invited tutorial, one invited workshop presentation, 7 contributed papers with FORCE first authors and 2 contributed papers with FORCE co-authors.
​Invited turorial:
  • Peter A. Andrekson, "Fundamentals and Applications of Optical Parametric Amplifiers"

Workshop presention:

  • Erik Agrell, "The Shannon capacity of PON links"
Papers with FORCE first authors:
  • Christoffer Fougstedt et al., "Energy-efficient High-throughput Staircase Decoders"
  • Mikael Mazur et al., "11.5 bits/s/Hz PM-256QAM Comb-Based Superchannel Transmission by Combining Optical and Digital Pilots"
  • Ravikiran Kakarla et al., "Phase Noise Characteristics of Injection-Locked Lasers Operated at Low Injection Powers"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Low-Complexity Variable-Length Output Distribution Matching with Periodical Distribution Uniformalization"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Efficient Offline Evaluation of FEC Codes Based on Captured Data with Probabilistic Shaping"
  • Christian Häger and Henry D. Pfister "Nonlinear Interference Mitigation via Deep Neural Networks"
  • Li Yan et al., “Regenerator allocation in nonlinear elastic optical networks with random data rates”
Papers with FORCE co-authors:
  • Houman Rastegarfar et al., "Wavelength Reuse for Scalable Multicasting: A Cross-layer Perspective"
  • Justin Lavrencik et al., "Optimum VCSEL Apertures for High-Speed Multimode Fiber Links"

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