Record high FORCE attendance at OFC 2017

Different FORCE members have contributed to in total 18 presentations at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) to be held in Los Angeles, California 19-23 March 2017. This includes three invited workshop  presentations and 12 contributed papers with FORCE main authors, and one invited paper and two contributed papers with FORCE coauthors. The contributed papers with FORCE main authors had a 100% acceptance rate.

​The three invited workshop presentations with FORCE main authors will be given by Professor Erik Agrell, Professor Peter Andrekson and Dr. Jochen Schröder.

Below the main authors and titles of the contributed papers are listed:

  • Mikael Mazur et al., "10 Tb/s Self-Homodyne 64-QAM Superchannel Transmission with 4% Spectral Overhead"

  • Arni F. Alfredsson et al., "Phase-Noise Compensation for Spatial-Division Multiplexed Transmission"

  • Nishan Dharmaweera et al., "An impairment-aware resource allocation scheme for dynamic elastic optical networks"

  • Cristian B. Czegledi et al., "Modified Digital Backpropagation Accounting for Polarization-Mode Dispersion"

  • Cristian B. Czegledi et al., "Temporal Stochastic Channel Model for Absolute Polarization State and Polarization-Mode Dispersion"

  • Alireza Sheikh et al., "Nonbinary Staircase Codes for Spectrally and Energy Efficient Fiber-Optic Systems"

  • Christoffer Fougstedt et al., "Time-Domain Digital Back Propagation: Algorithm and Finite-Precision Implementation Aspects"

  • Li Yan et al., "Network Performance Trade-Off in Optical Spatial Division Multiplexing Data Centers"

  • Attila Fülöp et al., "Frequency Noise of a Normal Dispersion Microresonator-based Frequency Comb"

  • Clemens J. Krückel et al., "Bandgap engineering in nonlinear silicon nitride waveguides"

  • Tamas Lengyel et al., "Impact of Damping on 50 Gbps 4-PAM Modulation of 25G Class VCSELs"

  • Henrik Eliasson et al., "Experimental Investigation of Nonlinearity Mitigation Properties of a Hybrid Distributed Raman/Phase-sensitive Amplifier Link"

The papers with FORCE coauthors are:

  • Johnny Karout et al., "Achievable Rates of Multidimensional Multisphere Distributions"

  • Yujia Sun et al., "Optical nonlinearity mitigation of 6x10 GBd polarization-division multiplexing 16QAM signals in a field-installed transmission link"

  • Benjamin Puttnam et al., "High-capacity MCF transmission with wideband comb" (invited)

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