FORCE contributions to ECOC 2019

​Different FORCE members have contributed in total 13 presentations at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), to be held in Dublin, Ireland 22-26 September 2019. This includes 6 contributed papers with FORCE first authors, 4 papers with FORCE co-authors and 3 invited papers.
​Contributed papers:
  • Benjamin Foo et al., "Combining phase-sensitive amplifiers with DSP for improved nonlinearity mitigation"
  • Arni Alfredsson et al., "On the impact of intercore skew on joint-core carrier-phase estimation"
  • Mikael Mazur et al., "High Spectral Efficiency Superchannel Transmission using a Soliton Microcomb"
  • Mikael Mazur et al., "Reduced footprint multiplane light propagation mode multiplexers"
  • Kovendhan Vjayan et al., "Long-haul transmission of WDM signals with in-line phase-sensitive amplifiers"
  • Ali Mirani et al., "Comparison of uniform cross QAM and probabilistically shaped QAM formats under the impact of transmitter impairments"
Papers with FORCE co-authors:
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "FPGA implementation of Distribution Matching and Dematching"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Performance Monitoring for Live Systems with Soft FEC" (highly scored)
  • Yuxin Xu et al., "Static resource allocation for dynamic traffic"
  • Yuxin Xu et al., "Probabilistic spectrum Gaussian noise estimate for random bandwith traffic"
Invited talks:
  • Alexandre Graell i Amat, "Coding for Optical communications - can we approach the Shannon limit with low complexity?"
  • Christian Häger et al., "Revisiting multi-step nonlinearity compensation with machine learning"
  • Jitao Gao, "Vector mode inter-modal wavelength conversion in a dispersion tailored highly nonlinear few-mode fibre"

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Nov 2019.