FORCE contributions to ECOC 2018

​​Different FORCE members have contributed to in total 13 presentations at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), to be held in Rome, Italy 23-27 September 2018. This includes one invited talk, 10 contributed papers with FORCE first authors and 2 papers with FORCE co-authors.
​Invited talk:
  • Victor Torres-Company, "Laser Frequency Combs for Coherent Optical Communications"
Contributed papers:
  • Ewa Simpanen et al., "Long-reach 1060 nm SM-VCSEL – SMF optical interconnects"
  • Mikael Mazur et al., "Optimization of Low-Complexity Pilot-Based DSP for High Spectral Efficiency 51x24 Gbaud PM-64QAM Transmission"
  • Kovendhan Vijayan et al., "Optical Bandwidth Dependency of Nonlinearity Mitigation in Phase-Sensitive Amplifier Links"
  • Kovendhan Vijayan et al., "Cross-Phase Modulation Mitigation in WDM Transmission Systems Using Phase-Sensitive Amplifiers"
  • Lars Lundberg et al., "Power Consumption Savings Through Joint Carrier Recovery for Spectral and Spatial Superchannels"
  • Christoffer Fougstedt et al., "ASIC Implementation of Time-Domain Digital Backpropagation with Deep-Learned Chromatic Dispersion Filters"
  • Morteza Esmaeili Tavana et al., "A Low-Complexity Near-Optimal Detector for Multispan Zero-Dispersion Fiber-Optic Channels"
  • Alireza Sheikh et al., "Iterative Bounded Distance Decoding of Product Codes with Scaled Reliability"
  • Christian Häger and Henry D. Pfister, "Wideband Time-Domain Digital Backpropagation via Subband Processing and Deep Learning"
  • Shen Li et al., "Achievable Information Rates for Nonlinear Fiber Communication via End-to-end Autoencoder Learning"
Papers with FORCE co-authors:
  • Justin Lavrencik, et al., "Power efficient modulation formats for error-free VCSEL MMF links"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Technologies toward Implementation of Probabilistic Constellation Shaping"

Page manager Published: Thu 13 Sep 2018.