21 FORCE presentations at ECOC 2017

​Different FORCE member have contributed to 21 presentations at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), this year in the hometown of FORCE, Gothenburg, Sweden. This includes one tutorial, one invited paper with a FORCE co-author, one upgraded contributed paper and 14 contributed papers with FORCE main authors and four contributed papers with FORCE co-authors.

​The tutorial is given by Prof. Erik Agrell and has the title "Capacity Bounds in Optical Communications".

The contributed paper that was upgraded to invited is:

  • Mikael Mazur et al., "10.3 bits/s/Hz Spectral Efficiency 54x24 Gbaud PM-128QAM Comb-Based Superchannel Transmission Using Single Pilot"

The invited paper with FORCE co-author is:

  • Marco Secondini et al., “Fiber nonlinearity mitigation in WDM systems: Strategies and achievable rates”

Below the main authors and titles of the contributed papers are listed:

  • Kamran Keykhosravi et al., "A Tighter Upper Bound on the Capacity of the Nondispersive Optical Fiber Channel"
  • Christoffer Fougstedt et al., "Finite-Precision Optimization of Time-Domain Digital Back Propagation by Inter-Symbol Interference Minimization"
  • Ravikiran Kakarla et al., "High Sensitivity Receiver Demonstration Using Phase Sensitive Amplifier for Free-Space Optical Communication"
  • Kevin Cushon et al., "Improved Low-Power LDPC FEC for Coherent Optical Systems"
  • Lars Lundberg et al., "Joint Carrier Recovery for DSP Complexity Reduction in Frequency Comb-Based Superchannel Transceivers"
  • Samuel L. I. Olsson et al., "Long-Haul Optical Transmission of 16-QAM Signal with In-Line Phase-Sensitive Amplifiers"
  • Alireza Sheikh et al., "Probabilistically-Shaped Coded Modulation with Hard Decision Decoding for Coherent Optical Systems"
  • Alireza Sheikh et al., "On Achievable Information Rates for Coherent Fiber-Optic Systems with Hard Decision Decoding"
  • Zhongxia Simon He et al., "Optoelectronic Enabled Dense Patch Antenna Array for Future 5G Cellular Applications"
  • Arni Alfredsson et al., "Pilot Distributions for Phase Tracking in Space-Divison Multiplexed Systems"
  • Li Yan et al., "Regenerator Site Predeployment in Nonlinear Dynamic Flexible-Grid Networks"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Short-Block-Length Shaping by Simple Mark Ratio Controllers for Granular and Wide-Range Spectral Efficiencies"
  • Tsuyoshi Yoshida et al., "Post-FEC BER Prediction Accuracy for Probabilistically Shaped Signaling in Fiber-Optic Communications"
  • Cristian B. Czegledi et al., "Volterra Series Digital Backpropagation Accounting for PMD" 

The papers with FORCE coauthors are:

  • Egon Astra et al., "Four-Span Dispersion Map Optimization for Improved Nonlinearity Mitigation in Phase-Sensitive Amplifier Links"
  • Justin Lavrencik et al., "Error-Free 100Gbps PAM-4 Transmission over 100m Wideband Fiber using 850nm VCSELs"
  • Siddharth Varughese et al., "Polybinary Coding for Low Complexity High Speed Error-Free VCSEL-MMF Links"
  • Yang Lu et al., "Matrix Receiving Scheme Supporting Arbitrary Multiple-Wavelength Reception for Optical Interconnects"

Page manager Published: Fri 08 Sep 2017.