FORCE at ECOC 2016

​DIfferent FORCE membes have contributed to in total 11 presentations at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Düsseldorf, Germany. This includes two invited talks, one by Professor Anders Larsson and one by FORCE alumnus Dr. Tobias Eriksson.
​The conference takes place 18-22 September. The presenting authors and titles are given below:
  • Anders Larsson, "High-Speed VCSELs for Datacom"
  • Tobias Eriksson, "Mutual information characterization of nonlinear fiber channels"
  • Egon Astra et al., "Dispersion Map Optimization for Nonlinearity Mitigation in Two-Span Phase-Sensitive Amplifier Links"
  • Cristian B. Czegledi et al., "Polarization-Mode Dispersion Aware Digital Backpropagation"
  • Madushanka Nishan Dharmaweera et al., "Nonlinear-Impairments- and Crosstalk-Aware Resource Allocation Schemes for Multicore-Fiber-based Flexgrid Networks"
  • Tobias Fehenberger et al., "Experimental Analysis of Correlations in the Nonlinear Phase Noise in Optical Fiber Systems"
  • Tamás Lengyel et al., "Demonstration of a 71.8 Gbps 4-PAM 850 nm VCSEL-based Link with a Pre-emphasizing Passive Filter"
  • Abel Lorences-Riesgo et al., "Quadrature Decomposition of a 20 Gbaud 16-QAM Signal into 2x4-PAM Signals"
  • Lars Lundberg et al., "Power Consumption of a Minimal-DSP Coherent Link with a Polarization Multiplexed Pilot-Tone"
  • Mikael Mazur et al., "Measurement of Temperature-Induced Polarization Drift and Correlation in a 7-Core Fiber"
  • Elham Nazemosadat et al., "Highly Nonlinear Few-Mode Fiber for Optical Parametric Amplification"

Page manager Published: Fri 16 Sep 2016.