News: Centre CVA related to Chalmers University of TechnologySat, 16 Oct 2021 14:22:57 +0200 Healthcare Design conference<p><b>​13-15 June 2022</b></p>The 8th European Healthcare Design 2022 Congress, Awards and Exhibition has been launched. It takes place 13-15 June 2022. Returning 'in person' to the Royal College of Physicians, London, the congress will also be streamed online to a global audience on SALUS TV, providing delegates the choice of attending 'face to face' or virtually.<br /><br />Themed 'Recovery, renewal and rediscovery: Planning a climate-smart healthcare system’, next year’s Congress will present an opportunity for delegates to learn how we plan for and invest in climate-smart healthcare systems that place health creation, disease prevention, disaster preparedness, and health and social equity to the fore. <br /><br />More info on <a href=""></a>Thu, 14 Oct 2021 13:10:00 +0200 Webinar, Living +<p><b>​​​A new look at the living environment of people with a care demand</b></p>​<div>Curious about the developments in the field of housing for people with intellectual disabilities and elderly </div> <div>people in need of care? And in particular what is the influence of the physical living environment on these people? </div> <div> </div> <div>Then follow the free webinar on<strong> Tuesday 2 November 2021 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.! </strong></div> <div>The ARCH 22 committee is organising this webinar together with care organisations Ipse de Bruggen and Habion. In this online session we share knowledge and experiences from practice with two workshops and a lecture.</div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">About ARCH22 </h3> <div>From 22 to 24 August 2022, the 5th edition of the Architecture Research Care and Health conference 'ARCH 22 Enabling health, care and well-being' <a href="">ARCH22 website</a> will be held in Delft and Rotterdam. Because this will take another year, the ARCH 22 committee is organising this webinar together with Ipse de Bruggen and Habion.</div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>Register <a href="">here</a> for the webinar. After registration you will receive the link to participate in your mailbox.</div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">What does this webinar include? </h3> <div>What makes a house a home? Can the built environment in this chapter of their lives meet the residents' need for a suitable living environment? Give them a sense of ownership and control? In the workshops we involve you in the process of transforming the living environment of vulnerable people and how this has been successfully put into practice in a new innovative way by Ipse de Bruggen together with Andrea Möhn Architects and at Habion together with their transformation team on several projects.</div> <div>In addition to social developments, changes in the health care system and the financing system for health care have a major impact on the lives and well-being of vulnerable people in our society. Care institutions and housing associations translate these developments into their mission and vision on the provision of care and the values that lie behind it: offering a meaningful environment for clients. These circumstances will increasingly affect the built environment, the living environment, the way of providing care, etc. On the basis of recent projects and designs, we explore the current solutions and new concepts that we are currently seeing in the Netherlands.</div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">Workshop 1 Ipse de Bruggen and Andrea Möhn Architects</h3> <div>In 2020, Ipse de Bruggen launched the initiative “Physical environment, a fixed value in our care”. The positive effect on the behaviour of a client with an intellectual disability and behavioural problems after the transformation of his room provided the impetus for this. Andrea Möhn Architects, in close collaboration with the care team of Ipse de Bruggen and the client's family, created a tailor-made environment that had a very positive effect on the client's behaviour, his immediate environment, the care staff and the organisation. Twelve rooms will be transformed within four years and the effects on the clients will be scientifically investigated.</div> <div>During this workshop we will actively involve you in the steps of such a transformation process based on a study case.</div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">Workshop 2 Habion</h3> <div>In recent years Habion has partly transformed its traditional care homes and realized new construction. This is always an opportunity to reinvent housing for the elderly: a new form of living that has value for the resident and the neighborhood and that is ready for the future. The transformation process begins with resident meetings organised by Habion's transformation team. Everyone is heard. How do you want to grow old? What do you need for this and what do you bring in? With these questions, the new program for the location in question is examined and elaborated.</div> <div>During the workshop we will introduce you to this transformation accompanying process. Habion's transformation team is present. The workshop participants have their say and thus become the seniors of the future.</div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">Lecture Best Practice</h3> <div>Gortemaker Algra Feenstra Architects and Wiegerinck will inspire you with their best practice examples during a closing lecture.</div> <div> </div> <div>The entire webinar is organised around ARCH22's central theme of sharing knowledge and connecting with others. There is room for each section to discuss this subject further and to exchange knowledge, experience and questions.</div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">Organisation and presenters</h3> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">On behalf of ARCH22:</h3> <div>Dr.-Ing. Birgit Jürgenhake assistant professor Architecture&amp;Dwelling, faculty of Architecture TU Delft</div> <div>Andrea Möhn, architect, owner Andrea Möhn Architects, Rotterdam</div> <div>Femke Feenstra and Roelof Gortemaker, partner architects at Gortemaker Algra Feenstra, Rotterdam</div> <div>Milee Herweijer, Dr. Ir., architect &amp; interior designer at Wiegerinck, Arnhem</div> <div> </div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">On behalf of the healthcare providers:</h3> <div>Ipse de Bruggen, Annelies Mulder innovation program manager</div> <div>Habion, mr. Peter Boerenfijn MRE director, Els van Betten and Ank Sneekes transformation manager</div> <div> </div> <div><em>In addition to the chairman of the day and the moderators, there is also a contact person available in the background for technical questions during the online event. By registering, all participants agree that personal information (such as their chat contributions) may be made public. Photo, film and sound recordings of the webinar and their reproduction are only allowed to the organisers.</em></div>Fri, 08 Oct 2021 10:50:00 +0200 in discussions about standards<p><b>​​On Thursday 30 September, Lokalt Forum i Skåne invited to a knowledge-sharing webinar on standards.</b></p> The webinar included two presentations and CVA participated as invited in a subsequent panel discussion. Steph Williamsson began with a British perspective on standards in healtcare building projects. Steph Williamsson is Director of Design and Development at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London.<br />After that, Lena Lundh, Process Leader of the Future Health System, from Region Skåne presented the region's work with regional standards, linked to, among other things, needs analyzes. In the subsequent panel discussion, Göran Lindahl and Johanna Eriksson participated, as well as additional guests, and the discussion revolved around strengths  in having common starting points, but that while it is very time consuming to compile them, they also quickly become outdated as both healthcare and the surrounding world are constantly changing.<br />It was an engaging discussion that touches on several of CVA's current projects. The discussion was also linked to what is addressed in the recently presented state public inquiry (SOU2021: 71) where the authors point out, among other things, the need for increased regional coordination of concepts and processes.<br />Fri, 01 Oct 2021 11:45:00 +0200 Healthcare Studio 2021<p><b>​This year’s healthcare studio will focus on the design of a new Närsjukhus/ Community Hospital in Wieselgrensplatsen, Gothenburg.</b></p><div>The new community hospital will have an important role in the development of the healthcare services provision in the region. The brief includes a combination of specialist clinics, primary care and other elective healthcare services. The studio will work in close dialogue with Västfastigheter / Västra Götaland Region and with the City of Gothenburg. <br /></div> <div>Yesterday we visited the site with our 30 students, the teachers team and the project manager Karin Telldén.</div> It is a urban place with great potential and we are very much looking forward to this new project!<br />Wed, 22 Sep 2021 09:30:00 +0200 method<p><b>​Methods seminar</b></p><div>​On September 29th, 13.00-15.00. the division of Building Design in collaboration with CVA (Center for Healthcare Architecture) and SA (Sahlgrenska University Academy – University hospital) have a methods seminar on ethnographic method. PhD student Anne Klitgaard from Aalborg University will present ongoing work and we will also get an outlook into application of ethnographic method in healthcare research. The seminar is oriented towards researchers, PhD students and interested and will be conducted in English. You access the seminar via zoom. </div> <div>Welcome!</div> <div><br /></div> <div><a href="">To registration page</a><br /></div>Mon, 30 Aug 2021 16:15:00 +0200 is here!<p><b>​We wish all our colleagues, partners and all interested in healthcare environments a lovely break and we are looking forward to meet you all all again in August.</b></p>​We are approaching a second pandemic summer. Things are better, at the same time knowledge on design, use and effects of healthcare environments have never been more important. However, we also need a break to recharge and enjoy the summer. We therefore wish all our colleagues, partners and all interested in healthcare environments a lovely break and we are looking forward to meet you all all again in August. An interesting autumn awaits us with webinars, teaching on local hospitals, focus on primary care development and much more. See you!Thu, 24 Jun 2021 17:10:00 +0200 ARCH22 - Enabling health, care and well-being through design research<p><b>​The preparations for the ARCH22 conference are proceeding</b></p>​The conference is planned around three themes:<br />Topic 1: Integration of needs – inclusive, integrated design enabling health, care and well-being.<br />Topic 2: Healthcare design and change – future-proofed, resilient and crisis-adapted (pre-, post- and now) design.<br />Topic 3: Engagement – co-creation, co-design, design and stakeholder management processes.<br /><br />A new website for the conference ARCH22 is now up. Check it out and plan for participation, see you there!<br /><a href=""></a><br />Wed, 09 Jun 2021 11:20:00 +0200 and assess<p><b>​CVA through Göran Lindahl has been engaged in Andrea Brambilla’s PhD project.</b></p>​The thesis Evidence informed hospital assessment. Implementation, weight and test of a multiple criteria tool for social, environmental and organizational quality assessment of hospital buildings was defended in April 2021. The thesis address assessment of hospital buildings and tests a multi-criteria tool. The work also serves as one of several starting points for CVA projects planned for 2022. Projects that address the lack of systematic evaluation and assessment of healthcare buildings – a challenge in today’s design and construction of healthcare facilities. Wed, 02 Jun 2021 10:45:00 +0200 by design<p><b>​Welfare Institutions, Health, Wellbeing and Environment – Conference</b></p>CVA is co-organizing an AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society) conference in December. 1-3. 2021. At this conference we want to highlight welfare institutions, such as hospitals and schools, and the challenges they face in relation to health, wellbeing and environment. Different welfare institutions play an important role in everyday life and are related to shared societal expectations such as being healthy, safe and having secure environments that promote both physical and mental wellbeing. Check this link: <a href=""></a>Mon, 12 Apr 2021 16:15:00 +0200 forces in healthcare solutions!<p><b></b></p>​<span lang="EN-US">On April 13-14, Chalmers Area of Advance Health Engineering’s event <i>Engineering Health 3.0 - Joining forces in healthcare solutions</i>. will take place. </span> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US">The conference wants to highlight good examples of collaborations between Chalmers researchers and other key players in healthcare and medicine. There will be short inspiring presentations about, for example, sensory prostheses, care robots and the phenomenon of patients as researchers.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US">CVA's guest professor Helle Wijk participates together with Sara Svedlund, chief physician and researcher at the Sahlgrenska Academy and will talk about how the mobile heart bus enables heart patients to receive care without having to go to hospitals.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US"> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US">The conference is in English and free of charge, the entire program and registration is done <a href="">here</a>.</span></p> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:00:00 +0200 promoting outdoor environment<p><b>​​Health promoting qualities in outdoor environments affecting elderly – from mapping to working methods for design and planning. </b></p>The PhD project is a double degree project in collaboration between the Institute of Health and Care Sciences, which is part of the Sahlgrenska Academy, and Centre for Healthcare Architecture, CVA, at the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Total funding is 6MSEK from Formas and the Kamprad foundation. The supervision team comes from Sahlgrenska Academy, Chalmers and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.<br />Fri, 05 Mar 2021 15:10:00 +0100​Welcome to the webinar year of CVA!<p><b>​This year we will continue to offer digital seminars and make it possible for everyone in our network to participate, with no risk of infection.</b></p> The first two events will be in Swedish, and the November webinar will be in English. More events may be added, keep an eye out for that in our newsletter and on social media.<br /> <br />May 4th, 13.00-15.00 <strong>Evidence and healthcare environment</strong> (webinar in Swedish)<br /> <br />8th september, 13.00-15.00  <strong>Administrative workplaces in healthcare</strong> (webinar in Swedish)<br /> <br />Nov 30th, 13.00-15.00 <strong>What’s going on abroad</strong><strong>?</strong>  (webinar in English)<br />Webinar with participants from CVA:s international network.<br /><br />Wed, 03 Mar 2021 11:00:00 +0100 report – Future healthcare building structure<p><b>Healthcare buildings in the Swedish regions after the Nära vård reform</b></p>​The report concerns a national overview of ongoing work to address, meet and manage the effects of the Nära vård (Closer care) reform on the built infrastructure for healthcare in Sweden. The project was funded by the R&amp;D committee of the Swedish regions. The report is in Swedish. For questions contact: goran.lindahl@chalmers.seTue, 02 Mar 2021 10:20:00 +0100 becomes ARCH22 <p><b>​​As many European countries are into lockdown again due to the second wave of COVID-19, the Organizing Committee of ARCH21 has decided to change ARCH21 into ARCH22 (August 2022)</b></p>The elements of informal meeting, knowledge exchange and establishing a more formal research network, requires a physical event rather than a virtual one. This implies that August 2021 seems too early to be certain that such an event can be held and that there will be people able to attend.<br /> <br />A new cycle of a call for papers will start again in July 2021. Previously sent in abstracts will remain unless they are being recalled.<br /> <br />In the meantime TU Delft will organize and host 2 to 3 webinars in 2021, in collaboration with the ARCH22 Organizing Committee, to support the emerging research network and young/junior researchers in their work. To follow this check <a href="">ARCH22 page on LinkedIn</a>, which will be our main mean of communication for the months to come. Information will also be available on the CVA website.Fri, 15 Jan 2021 15:45:00 +0100 changes<p><b>​Three moving on to new challenges</b></p>​As 2020 ends three staff at Chalmers working closely with CVA will leave. Christine Hammarling, adjunct professor in Healthcare Architecture, has been a teacher and supervisor for six years in the Healthcare Studio. Elizabeth Marcheschi moves on to SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Charlotta Thodelius will be at University of Gothenburg and University of Borås.  We thank them all for their contributions to our field and CVA. Although they are leaving Chalmers they will still be active in the CVA network and you will also meet them in future projects.Wed, 23 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100