Healthcare Architecture 2010

A nordic researchers conference on healthcare architecture at Chalmers University of Technology. January 20th-21st 2010.

Around 35 people participated in the conference. Coming from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England and Holland, they presented their current research and networked for future collaboration. Participants were mostly from the field of architecture research but also healthcare research, project leading and design.

The most common research interests were:

Spaces for elderly care
Planning processes and leadership within healthcare building
Use of space
Healing environment
Evidence Based Design (EBD) 

The conference was a good starting point for collaboration and during the following discussions strategies were proposed for how to move forward with the accumulated knowledge.

Another topic of discussion was the establishment of a Centre for Healthcare Architecture at Chalmers. The approach of creating, collecting and forwarding knowledge should be interdisciplinary and based on collaboration with other professions within healthcare. The participants agreed on arranging a larger conference in 2011. An organizing committee was formed of representatives from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Conference program

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