Residential Housing - Housing for Seniors

The annual master studio at Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering, Residential Healthcare - Housing for Seniors, gives architect students the opportunity to work with aspects of housing and care for elderly citizens. We work with different types of housing for the elderly - both within special (assisted living) and ordinary housing as well as different types of healthcare related housing such as hospices and patient hotels . An important aspect is that the dwelling should be able to provide room for care provision but not intrude too much on the resident's personal integrity. The course deals with how architecture and design can support the processes of housing and care.

Level: Master's
Field: Architecture
Examiner: Morgan Andersson

Projects autumn 2021

Projects autumn 2020
Group 1 - Myllan
Group 2 - Surrounded by nature
Group 3 - Living in the field
Group 4 - The Green Link
Group 5 - Annehem
Group 6 - Annebergs gårdar
Group 7 - A Caring Home
Group 8 - Dementia Village Anneberg
Group 9 - Generations Together
Group 10 - Annebergs gårdar
Group 11 - More than Home

Projects autumn 2019
House of generation
Temple of time
The small village
It takes a village
Bräcke by
Bräcke homes
Sotto le Querce

Projects autumn 2018
A home in a home
Dementia Village Önnered
Room for dementia
Into the reeds
Limited for freedom
Lost together
Dementia Village, Önnered
Önnered Dementia Village

Projects autumn 2017
Atriums and Curved Walls
A place to feel home - a place to say goodbye
Hospice Among Heather and Pines
Lagerkransen Hospice
Nothing Lasts Forever
Hospice Timjan
Hospice Gårdsten
A peaceful home
Village in the woods

Selected projects autumn 2016
Senior Housing in Frihamnen
Growing old in Nature
Residential Healthcare
Frihamnen Trygghetsboende
Safe-Haven Residence

Projects autumn 2015
Gibraltar Trygghetsboende
Gibraltarvallens Trygghetsboende
Housing for Seniors
Gibraltar Valley
Trygghetsboende Johanneberg
Senior Housing - Zhang
Gamla Gibraltarvallen
Gibraltargatan Module Town
Housing for Active Seniors
Housing for Seniors
Vivid City
Safe-Haven Housing

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