Master's theses

Earlier masters theses


Xue Zeng & Yunbai Shi
Urban Residence. Response to COVID-19 - Apartment building redesign to decrease secondary transmission risk and maintain life satisfaction.

Sandra Kärnstrand
Care for change - A design proposal exploring convertibility between wards and outpatient departments

Saga Nilsson
Healing spaces

Monika Ewa Lusnia
Begin Again - a rehab for the underserved

Jalal Diarbakarli
The Bridge - A Health Promoting Center For Holistic Psychiatric Rehabilitation In Landscape Settings

Louise Sivertsson
What about tomorrow? - Design for the Unknown Future in Healthcare Architecture

Ella Davidsson
Movement and Materiality - An architectural exploration of a Dance/Movement Therapy Centre

Aida Davallou
Modular Healthcare - Temporary healthcare facilities in wood

Agnes Ståhl
The Spark - How can architecture support the mental and physical needs of people affected by cancer?

Agnes Engström

Saman Aliramaei
Skanshuset - Health promotive intergenerational co-housing project


Susanna Arsaelsson

Sara Blomstrand

Alexandra Bäckström

Jenny Jönsson

Linnea Leijon

Agnes Leo

Åsa Martinsson

Tian Rong
Dialogue in the Dark – Design inclusive space for the visually impaired


Sandra Andersson
A Lust to Learn

Malin Caesar
Park the Stress

Olof Holmblad
The Health Bringing Office

Julia Mattsson
Meet the Sea

Linnea Nykvist
A Matter of Life

Jessica Pleijel
A Home Away from Home

Elias Sandberg
Light and Built Form

Evelina Spaak
A Natural View

Therese Svensson



Providing a supportive restorative enviroment for patients and staff

Sandra Dawood ; Emelie Joelsson
CARE OF KOLANDOTO - The role of cultural and local adaption in hospital design

Mengyao Hou
HEALTHLINK 2030 - "A web of care" Future healthcare building in Gothenburg area

Anita Mustonen
CARING ARCHITECTURE - The design of a new building for children and adolescent psychiatry in Gothenburg


Lisa Bergstrand
KOLANDOTO ON CALL - Developing an emergency department through participatory design

Annika Danielsson
Healthy Hospital Design - the case of Kolandoto Hospital in Tanzania

Xue Han
Healing Light - proposal of child adolescent psychiatry department with daylight design

Hongyin Liu
Hospice in Biskopsgården


Jing Ju
Hospital Architecture in China - Throught Comparison between Chinese and Nordic Hospital Design

Wenhao Shang
Visionary Healthcare - New Health Centre Design at Eklandagatan

Hanna Vilhelmsson
Senectus collective - En konceptstudie av framtidens boende för äldre

Giada Albonico
New psychiatry and somatic ward building in Falköping


Fangfei Wu
Insert - New emergency building in Vrinnevi hospital in Norrköping

Lei Qian
Healthcare center in Finspång - A new highly specialised treatment building in Finspång

Lorenzo Lanzani
Four stones and a river - Sunderbyn Hospital New Psychiatric


Bilyana Docheva
Hospital architecture as an active medicine: Integrating architecture as a vital healing element in patient treatments - bridging the gap between research, users and architects

Sophy Sapan Longe-Olsson
Heart healing - in search of care science and behind the art of healing environment

Dennis Carlsson
Architecture and multimodal stimulation in neuro intensive care


Danuta Czarnecka
Gateway Sahlgrenska. Sahlgrenska City of Competence

Fabien Martin; Niranjan Tamrakar
Västerås Operation Center

Shadi Jalali Heravi
Care for Women - Refurbishment of Women Clinic at Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala

Aleksandra Piechota; Sana Rabia
Vita Nova - new life - Design visions for the future of maternal health care

Caroline Jokiniemi; Christine Tam
Beyond white walls - unconventional hospital design

Jenny Askåsen
Designprocess från ett aktivitetsperspektiv - en bredare syn på tillgänglighet


Maria Edenbrandt
Igelösa Hospice

Michael Apple
A Handbook on Facility Follow-Up_A Comparative Study on Intensive Care Patient Rooms


Cagil Kayan
Neuro architecture. Enriching healthcare environments for children

David Bergman
Nya rum för sjukvård - Om vårdarkitektur och en ny avdelning för medicinvård i Värnamo

Ladislav Oborsky
New psychiatry ward building in Falköping

Sally Yu; Tansu Bozdogan
Delivering the future: maternity and neonatal intensive care unit departments at Östra sjukhuset - Sahlgrenska university hospital

Kristina Brissman
Fristad: - habiliteringens nya lokaler


Elin Rittmark
Empowering architecture: vårdcentral på Angereds närsjukhus = primary care centre at Angered's nearby hospital

Michael Zulueta
New specialized care building at Örebro university hospital


Besar Zifla
Wellcome : the transformation of healthcare

Johanna Raflund
Building 33, Malmö University Hospital

Maria Berezecka
IVA : vision and reality

Mikael Rücker; Isak Runeson
Ny psykiatrisk klinik : vid Norrlands universitetssjukhus i Umeå

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