Healthcare Studio: Future Visions for Healthcare, Housing & Work

Level: Masters, 22,5 credits
Subject: Architecture
xaminer: Cristiana Caira

From course-PM year 2021:

Purpose, learning objectives
Designing spaces for healthcare is one of the most complex and therefore challenging architectural design commissions there is. You must be able to handle intricate design tasks in which many and often conflicting parameters have to be prioritized and weighted with many stakeholders involved. In this process you are requested to create a high quality building design, coordinating a good, safe and secure patient environment combined with requirements for high-class work conditions, sufficient space for treatment, care logistics, advanced technical systems design etc. Also the urban context of the healthcare facility in focus needs to be considered.

The Healthcare Studio at Chalmers Architecture has a curriculum that is founded on a dedicated pedagogical vision. It combines explorative design exercises with analytical and systematic procedures, literature studies and organized reflection. The Studio works with context-rich "real" commissions that are a part of the planning processes in one Swedish County Council/ Region together with clients and users.

The students shall obtain general knowledge about and ability to design complex and sustainable healthcare buildings integrated into the surrounding environment and urban setting. This includes among other aspects.
- Design healthcare facilities that supports sustainable development from environmental,
social and economic aspects.
- Work interactively with complex programming, combining spaces for care, patient
experience, work environment, logistics and architectural systems thinking.
- Handle a design driven work method for complex commissions.

Projects autumn 2022
Group 1 - Health Heart - Keli Kadriu, Chaewon Hong, Eli-Anne Gjøs
Group 2 - Vårdcentral Vadstena - Philipp Feichtinger, Axel Jakobsson Olsson, Michael Wieser
Group 3 - Embrace - Zemir Emini, Kerstin Stahre, Beatrice Wallén
Group 4 - Nature's Corner - Ellinor Larsen, Yuko Kando, Mussa Algasra
Group 5 - Vivid Core - Hanna Johansson, Ziyan Cai, Nicholas Chan
Group 6A - A Sense of Relief - Linnéa Schultz
Group 6B - A Healthcare Center integrated with Community and Nature - Jinfeng Chen, Danna Liu
Group 7 - Apart but together - Kamila Machnik, Zhaoheng Wang, Zhuoze Li
Group 8 - Vadstena Care Cross - Karl-Johan Gydell, Aleksandra Kuklinska, Florence van Laethem
Group 9 - Birgittas Vårdcentral - Alexandra Elisson, Mathias Waschek, Paul Müller-Zitzke
Group 10 - The Link Inbetween - Myrra Carlsson, Xiaofei Deng, Gustav Kristensson, Vikram Kannappan

Projects autumn 2021
Group 1 - Apart but together - Lama Abbas, Aliette de Briançon & Isabell Johansson Cimen
Group 2 - Pulse - Edvin Edström, Mohsen Oliaei & Julina Lindqvist
Group 3 - Green Footprint - Johanna Mattsson, Jinan Xie & Sara Eidenvall
Group 4 - In Sickness and Health - Ebba Nordberg, Zeinab Hashem & Luka Brandsma
Group 5 - Step Up - Mattias Jonsson, Mahsa Mohammadi & Peilin Yin
Group 6 - Home for Recovery - Zonghao Wu
Group 6a - Nya Lundby Närsjukhus - Petra Hjelm, Amelia Berglund & Nerma Ceric
Group 7 - Carpenter's Hand - Jakub Maliborski, Pouya Khezri & Magnus Gabrielsson
Group 8 - Green Heart Hospital - Alessia Fiorin, Anton Persson & Kritsada Simcharoen
Group 9 - A Core-Relating Hospital - Martina Verme, Sara Winberg & Zhe Li

Projects autumn 2020
Group 1 - Arching Health - Vanja Divić, Amilia Björklund
Group 2 - Apart as One Part - Julia Rintamäki, Sofia Wallin
Group 3 - Trossö Healthcare - Elisabet Arns, Petra Elf
Group 4 - Health on Track - Ellen Lundh, Aran Mardoukhi
Group 5 - Walk Around - Ebba Barkfors, Jalal Diarbakarli
Group 6 - Healing Kungsplan - Elvira Koman, Matilda Svensson
Group 7 - Greenwood House - Saman Aliramaei, Kristin Oretorp
Group 8 - Medical Garden - Emma Frykberg, Barne Haferkamp
Group 9 - Greencare - Nemir Chaudhry, Filip Wikman
Group 10 - Shifting Lights - Alma Nilsson Unenge, Leeloo Ghigo, Clara Alexandersson Frick
Group 11 - Hörke - Linnea Alenius, Julia Svensson
Group 12 - Collect Care Center - Malin Johansson, Seat Ni Chiu
Group 13 - Salutary Hub - Rebecka Geber, Dorin Samano, Jan Langhorst
Group 14 - The Polar Star - Maha Sobhy, Johanna Gimfjord Nielsen

Projects autumn 2019
Projects autumn 2018

Projects autumn 2017

Projects autumn 2016

A New Way to Health Care - Suwinska, Pålsson, Touw
Flows - Jönsson, Nykvist, Zhou
Frihamnen Health Forum - Dumitrache, Mustonen, Nilsson
Fihamnen Sjukhuset - Tatari, Phan, Martinez
Harbour Health - Dahlberg, Göransson, Jernberg
High and Low - Davidsson, Dawood, Pleil
HOX The Future of Healthcare - Berndtson, Tang
The Breathing Building - Fransson, Hakky, Kullberg
The Healing Oasis, Nyman, Lu, Garnfeldt
Three Stripes - Dahlin, Oscarsson, Parinder

Projects autumn 2015

Life Gateway Jönköping - Aronsson, Díaz, Zha
Life Gateway Jönköping - Bellon, Brander, Söderstedt
Life Gateway Jönköping - Joelsson, Wu, Han
Median - Luu, Gabrielii
Life Gateway Jönköping 2025 - Söderholm, Huang, Zheng
The Healing Garden - Molina, Niklasson, Zhou
Wave - Sredanovic, Holmgren, Westberg

Masterprojects HT 2014
Fjällsjukhuset - Danielsson, Sverneborn
Interwoven - Emna, Tracey, Wenhao
Ryggrad - Li, Liu
Synapse - Stockeld, Tan, Kos
Wildwood - Nainys, Jing, Ye
Östersund hospital - Battagli, Akkoyunlu, Dao
Östersunds sjukhus - Andreasson, Larsson, Stegrell


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