About CPE

The centre merges the educational and research activities in chemical engineering, control engineering, bioengineering, fluid dynamics, process analytical engineering, measuring techniques, and applied mathematics.

The activities focus on integrated aspects of design, control, quality, energy utilization, safety, environmental protection and operation in the chemical process industry. The centre invites Research Foundations and industry to participate in the activities proposed by the centre.

CPEs functions are to
 - broaden the Swedish competence in chemical process engineering
 - strengthen surveillance of the international technology developments in the field
 - identify industrially relevant research areas in chemical process engineering
 - work to ensure that research from participating research groups at Chalmers comes to use in industry
 - provide courses in chemical process technology for industry
Member companies in CPE have the following benefits and rights
 - opportunity to influence research groups, in CPE, and their future direction
 - eligibility for CPEs steering group
 - ability to participate in to the reference groups for projects within the projects initialized by CPE
 - opportunity to participate in organized PhD courses in CPE
 - ability to propose seminars, courses and workshops
 - opportunity to participate in the CPE arranged seminars, courses and workshops

Page manager Published: Thu 20 Aug 2015.