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The CHLE is a partner-driven nonprofit unit at Chalmers University dedicated to connecting and supporting a growing community of leaders who are driven by a sense of purpose and mission that goes beyond just making their quarterly numbers.
We are intended to develop and share knowledge and practices on business leadership that builds institutions of lasting value for their people, their customers, their communities, as well as for their shareholders.  We call this “Higher Ambition” leadership. In doing so, the CHLE aspires to help purposeful leaders build high performing organizations and a better world. 
The CHLE has four levels of partnership:
  • Knowledge partnership
  • Transformation partnership
  • Collaboration partnership
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab Partnership Program (ELL)
The focus for the Knowledge partnership collaboration is to enhance the practice and performance of leaders committed to doing well by doing good for all stakeholders, deepening the knowledge on practices that build such higher ambition companies, and growing the number of organizations that are committed to pursuing a higher ambition.
Knowledge Partnership includes
  • Participation at the Higher Ambition CEO summit in Europe, including support in case preparation before the meeting
  • Participation in the CEO summit organized in Boston, including support in case preparation before the meeting
  • Participation at the Chief Human Resource Officer summit in Europe, including support in case preparation before the meeting
  • Participation in a yearly summit with Top Management Team (TMT) members from the partner organizations in CHLE, including support in case preparation before the meeting
  • Engagement in a global community of like-minded CEOs striving to lead with purpose and to find models for their organizations to create both higher economic and social value
  • Use of CHL brand in marketing
  • Access to CHLE knowledge database, including materials and tools developed both on the European and U.S. side (mainly gathered via the website)
  • Access to CHLE faculty
  • Possibility to become transformation partner
Transformation partnership is a deeper collaboration on the project/activity level.
Collaboration partnership has the purpose to regulate encourage and promote cooperation and exchange between Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe and organizations like for example Universities or Institutes.
Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab Partnership Program (ELL)
Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship administers education in entrepreneurship, encompassing graduate studies at Chalmers University of Technology, where Corporate Entrepreneurship Track is one track, which is connected to Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab.
ELL offers five different modules: one basic module which the Company must choose in order to be part of the program, and four different add-ons that can be chosen in addition to the basic module, individually or together.
The basic module contains Entrepreneurial community – one-year partnership and membership. Access to ELL environment, people, knowledge, and students. For example, networking, idea evaluation, partner day, mingle events, project reviews, tool box lunch, and jam sessions. These activities may vary, and participation requires that the deadline for each activity is met.

Page manager Published: Thu 04 Apr 2019.