ChaseOn medtech


  • The Centre Director is responsible for the scientific leadership and operational management.
  • General Assembly (GA) The highest deciding body. Each partner assigns one voting delegate; the chairperson is assigned by Chalmers.
  • Centre Board (CB) Elected by the General Assembly; the chairperson is nominated by Chalmers. Responsible for strategic development of the centre, prepares budgets, monitors centre financial state, progress towards centre goals, and monitors that reporting to VINNOVA is carried out.
  • Executive Board (EB) Assigned by the Centre Board; consists of ChaseOn Project Leaders and Research Leaders; chaired by the Centre Director. Supports the Centre Directors, monitors the project technical work to provide feedback and to identify cross-project synergies.
  • International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) Assigned by the Centre Board; consists of international non-ChaseOn researchers. Supports scientific development of the centre by advice and evaluation of research activities.

Page manager Published: Mon 02 Oct 2017.