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New challenges have emerged that require urgent advances in antenna systems for communications, sensing and medical applications, says Professor Erik Ström.

Chase has achieved great progress during the past 10 years. However, we are not done. New challenges have emerged that require urgent advances in antenna systems for communications, sensing and medical applications. The societal challenges are well known: health, food, energy, environment, social inequalities and security. Promising solutions to address these challenges include systems based on advanced wireless technologies, i.e., technologies that require antenna systems. Unfortunately, today’s antenna systems do not always provide sufficiently high performance or are too costly or otherwise unsustainable from an energy or resource perspective.

The core of Chase, together with a number of new partners, will therefore continue to collaborate in the new Vinnova Competence Centre called ChaseOn. The research programme will tackle challenges in communications, sensor systems, and health care. Cooperation over project boundaries will enable cross-fertilisation of ideas from different application areas and reuse of basic technologies and knowhow.

ChaseOn is designed to complement and profit from other research and innovation initiatives. In particular, we are delighted that our sister centre, GHz Centre, was also awarded funding by Vinnova for another 5 years. We will intensify our collaboration with GHz Centre to facilitate joint work on microwave electronics (GHz Centre) and antenna systems (ChaseOn).

Efficient use of higher frequency bands is crucial, as lower frequency bands are rapidly becoming congested. This is an area of dramatically growing importance. ChaseOn and GHz Centre are uniquely positioned to jointly form the future for wireless technologies. We intend to harness this advantage.

ChaseOn is built on collaboration. Together we – universities, industry and the public sector – will build expertise and enhance our competitiveness to survive and thrive in an extremely competitive globalised market. Ten years of Chase have given us an excellent starting position. We are very happy and eager to embark on a new five-year journey to explore and expand the frontiers of antenna systems. 

Erik Ström
Main Applicant ChaseOn 

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Chase centre director Staffan Sjödin hands over the torch to Professor Erik Ström, to take the operations forward for another five years within ChaseOn.

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Jan 2017.