10 years of achievements with Chase

​Chase centre director Staffan Sjödin hands over the torch to Professor Erik Ström, to take the operations forward for another five years within ChaseOn.

Staffan Sjödin, Director of ChaseThe use of antennas and antenna system technologies is increasing considerably in both traditional industries such as space and telecommunications, and in other areas such as the automotive industry, biomedical engineering and sensors for countless different applications.

The launch of Chase was thus very timely. Chase stands for “Chalmers Antenna Systems VINN Excellence Centre” and is a research centre that is funded by Vinnova and focuses on antennas and antenna systems in the microwave range.

For the past 10 years Chalmers’ researchers have collaborated with approximately 25 industrial partners, SP, KTH and the public authority Västra Götalandsregionen with the objective to offer world-leading antenna technologies and thereby strengthening the industry’s competitiveness and contribution to a sustainable society. The research projects have been defined on the basis of the long-term needs of the partners, and the centre’s structure and organisation have proved to be very successful in fostering an open collaboration culture with frequent interaction between the Chase partners.

Close collaboration and knowledge exchange have been key factors in the success of Chase. Our industry partners have direct contact with scientific excellence and can therefore operate at the forefront of technology with new and outstanding products. Meanwhile, the researchers gain important insight into and understanding of the driving forces in industry, which is valuable when defining new research projects. Our experience during these 10 years also clearly shows that our organisational structure strongly promotes development of the centre and enables inclusion of new member companies and new research projects.

Chase has been periodically evaluated over the years, also by international scientific experts. The reviews have been consistently very positive. The aspects highlighted include the researchers’ international contacts, which are crucial to ensure a high international standard and also benefit the member companies. Microwave antenna system technologies advance at an extremely high rate, and it is necessary for industry to keep in close contact with leading research and maintain good awareness of how the market evolves, especially in wireless communications.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chase, it is with pride that I note that both Vinnova and the partner companies want to see a continuation of this collaboration. I would like to take this opportunity to honour and acknowledge Professor Per-Simon Kildal, who was the main driver of the application for Chase and an important contributor to its success. Now, it is with confidence that I hand over the torch to Professor Erik Ström, to take the operations forward for another five years within ChaseOn.

Staffan Sjödin
Director of Chase

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