Organizing a CHAIR research theme

To help build a world-class AI research environment, CHAIR manages and develops research themes - addressing key challenges within AI. These strategic themes will constitute the basis of the centres´ collaborative research environment, solving high impact challenges relevant in joint projects and initiatives.

Themes are ambitious, focused research programs led by CHAIR faculty researchers, dedicated to topics from one or more of the CHAIR tracks: AI Foundations, AI for Science and AI Applications. Themes are expected to scale up research and build a community, locally and internationally.

Information for Chalmers researchers

A CHAIR research theme should:

  • Work to solve key research questions within AI, common to researchers across multiple departments at Chalmers, as well as to external partners.
  • Provide platforms in which several groups and partners can collaborate.
  • Contribute to positioning Chalmers and CHAIR partners internationally within AI.
  • Create leverage for scaling up new and ongoing research through increased collaboration, activities, and applications for funding.

CHAIR will support 3–6 concurrent themes per year.

The application time for the first batch of CHAIR themes has expired. If you are interested in applying for theme calls in the future, you can already now talk to international collaborators who may be interested in participating in the theme at Chalmers, or serving as a host for an exchange by Chalmers researchers. We encourage you to contact them early to gauge interest – planning such activities can take longer than first anticipated.