Premiere seminar for CHAIR theme

CHAIR had its first theme seminar on 9 February. It was the theme AI for Scientific Data Analysis that gathered around 50 people interested in how to use AI to analyse data in their research.

Carmen Maria Toribio Perez
Carmen Maria Toribio Perez.

In this first seminar of a series of events on the topic, Carmen Maria Toribio Perez, astronomer at Onsala Space Observatory, and Henrik Håkansson, research engineer at Fraunhofer Research Centre, showed how they use simulated images to develop a method to find galaxies using AI.

“There was significant interest in the seminar, probably because the methodology applies to many data types. We believe that since the topic is so broad, it will attract many researchers from different disciplines”, says Caroline Adiels, Senior Lecturer, who arranged the theme seminar.

“This was a good way to show how AI data analysis can be implemented to one of many possible research fields”, says Romain Bordes, researcher at Applied Chemistry, who leads the theme together with Giovanni Volpe, professor in Physics.

The theme AI for Scientific Data Analysis is at the core of using AI in scientific research and is in nature transdisciplinary. As such, the theme is relevant to any researcher who deals with large amounts of data, no matter the discipline.

The team will, in the coming year, arrange multiple seminars, conferences, and workshops on the topic. Follow CHAIR’s newsletter to make sure not to miss any occasions.

Writer: Mats Tiborn