CHAIR Faculty

The Chalmers AI Research Centre Faculty consists of researchers from various departments at Chalmers with a shared interest in AI. If this label applies to you, we encourage you to sign up as a CHAIR Faculty member and join in shaping a research community centered around AI.

Architecture and Civil Engineering

Pär Johansson,   
Mia Bondelind,  
Ezra Haaf,   
Robert Jockwer,   
Alexander Hollberg,   
Ekaterina Sokolova,

Jacqueline Plette,


een Murphy,
Liane Thuvander,

Biology and Biological Engineering

Heidi Howard,   
Carl Brunius,

Thomas Svensson,
Rasool Saghaleyni,

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Romain Bordes,

Computer Science and Engineering

Kolbjörn Tunström,   

Daniel Gillblad,   
Elad Michael Schiller,   
Ulf Assarsson,   
Fredrik Johansson,   
Gregory Gay,   
Robert Feldt,   
Moa Johansson,   
Miroslaw Staron,   
Simon Olsson,   
Graham Kemp,   
Erik Knauss,   
Sara Ljungblad,   
Palle Dahlstedt,  
Selpi Selpi,   
Paweł W. Woźniak,   
Muhammad Waqar Azhar,  
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic,  
Marina Papatriantafilou,   
Pedro Petersen Moura Trancoso,   
Jan Bosch,   
Jennifer Horkoff,   
Morteza Haghir Chehreghani, 
Ashkan Panahi,  
Richard Johansson,  
Adel Daoud,

Devdatt Dubhashi, – Research committee member

Peter Damaschke,

Electrical Engineering

Stefan Candefjord,
Tommy Svensson,
Nikolce Murgovski,
Giuseppe Durisi,
Lars Hammarstrand,
Wenhao Lu,
Marija Furdek,
Bengt Arne Sjöqvist,
Yang Li,
Changfu Zou,
Jonas Sjöberg,
Martin  Fabian,
Henk Wymeersch,
Knut Åkesson,
Christian Häger,
Karinne Ramirez-Amaro, karinne@chalmers.seResearch committee member
Yang Li,
Mats Jirstrand,

Ke Lu,

Lennart Svensson,

Yasemin Bekiroglu,

Petter Falkman,

Emmanuel Dean,
Ida Häggström,


Industrial and Materials Science

Fang Liu,
Hao Wang,
Ebru Turanoglu Bekar,
Sheng  Guo,

Mathematical Sciences

Holger Rootzen,
Rebecka  Jörnsten, jornsten@chalmers.seResearch committee member
Christoffer Petersson,
Stig Larsson,
Axel Ringh,
Moritz Schauer,
Annika Lang, annika.lang@chalmers.seResearch committee member
Marina Axelson-Fisk,
Umberto Picchini,
Erik Kristiansson,
Olle Häggström,
Anna Johnning,
Magnus Önnheim,

Mikael Wallman,

Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Jonas Ringsberg,
Huadong Yao,
David Sedarsky,
Scott MacKinnon,
Mattias Wahde, mattias.wahde@chalmers.seResearch committee member
Lars Davidson,
Håkan Nilsson,
Ola Benderius,
Jobin John,
Jonas Sjöblom,
Wengang Mao,
Hamidreza Abedi,
Marco Della Vedova,


Patrik Johansson,
Christophe Demaziere,

Giovanni Volpe, committee member

Daniel Midtvedt,

Magnus Colliander,

Space, Earth and Environment

Renesteban Forero,
Patrick Eriksson,
Carmen Toribio,
Per Bjerkeli,
Claes Andersson,
Santiago Arellano,
Sonia Yeh,

Technology Management and Economics

Francis Lee,

External faculty

Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Magnus Kjellberg,
Peter Gjertsson,
Anders Hyltander,
Cecilia Hahn Berg,

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