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PhD student projects within AI

Call for internal projects (open to Chalmers faculty, and GU faculty in joint GU/Chalmers departments)

Important days

Submission due: June 15th 2019
Notification: September 30th 2019
Project start due: January 1st 2020

The newly created Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR) will over the next 10 years offer many opportunities to Chalmers researchers to start innovative projects related to artificial intelligence, with focus on theoretical, system level, and application-area related aspects.

In this specific call we solicit projects having one (or more) of the following goals:

  • develop theoretical foundations and computational methods for AI, through research activities focused on algorithmic, mathematical, and statistical principles;
  • use innovative AI tools to tackle foundational problems in other fields such as biology, physics, material science, etc.
  • tackle core problems related to the development and the deployment of systems containing AI components.

The call is for internal projects and is open to Chalmers faculty only (both based funded and externally funded). GU faculty in joint GU/Chalmers departments are also welcome to apply. No involvement from industry is required/expected. We encourage PIs from disciplines outside AI to team up with AI experts. CHAIR offers full support for a PhD student (100 % for 4 years or 80% for 5 years).

CHAIR will also cover 20 % of the salary of the principal investigator (PI) for 4 years. If the project includes multiple PIs, this will be split among the PIs. The 20 % includes both supervision and compulsory CHAIR duties (up to 10 %), which may entail

  • giving short/compressed AI-related courses targeting faculty and senior researchers
  • helping in the organization of CHAIR events, such as seminars and summer/winter schools
  • representing CHAIR in public events.

The applications should be submitted to:

For more information contact:

Giuseppe Durisi,

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What should the application contain?

Please use Arial font, size 10 points, 2.5 cm margin on all four sides, single line space.

Research proposal (max 3 pages)

Describe the planned scientific work and how it relates to one (or more) of the three goals described above, focusing on the novelty and visionary nature of the approach. The work should also be described in relation to the state of the art including references (references are not counted in the maximum 3 pages). Organize the research proposal according to the following headlines:

  • Purpose and aims<
  • State of the art
  • Project description, including organization and workflow

Complementarity and relation to previous/current projects (1 page)

  • If the proposal involves more than one PI, describe the complementarity and how the collaboration will be practically conveyed.
  • Clarify how the proposed project is related to current or past projects you are involved in.
  • State whether you have submitted a similar proposal to an external funding agency

Ethical aspects (up to 1 page)

If relevant, outline ethical considerations pertaining to direct or indirect social and other consequences of the project and of AI systems developed in it. Ethically relevant issues may for instance involve fairness vs bias, transparency vs opacity, accountability, human autonomy, privacy and integrity, democratic participation, safety and sustainability.

If this is not relevant for your project, please explain why.

CV of the PI(s) (max 2 pages per PI)

  • Name, title and affiliation
  • PhD year
  • List of ongoing projects
  • List of current PhD students and postdocs
  • List of 5 most important publications since 2010
  • Link to Google scholar profile (if available)

Review process

Relevance of research proposal to AI, novelty and potential impact, as well as expertise within AI of the PI(s) are key evaluation metrics. The review process will be coordinated by the CHAIR operational team and will involve external reviewers.

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