Theme Semesters

In the call CHAIR Theme Semesters, Chalmers AI Research Centre wants to promote cross-discipline collaboration and opens for funding of a visiting research leader or a group of visiting researchers of the field for a duration of 1 to 3 months. ​
Moritz Schauer, associate senior lecturer at Mathematical Sciences, is part of the working group that developed the call. 

What kind of collaboration and science is it that CHAIR hopes come out of the call? 

The vision is to seed cross-disciplinary research cooperation that is sustaining itself beyond the call, that requires creating interest and support the respective communities by opening new perspectives, but it doesn’t prescribe how that scientific cooperation should look like.

Is the call for those developing AI as their main discipline or can AI be one of the tools for the research? 

The call is not restricted to researchers that only have AI as their field of interest. On the contrary, we ask for projects of cross-disciplinary nature with AI bringing the different parts together.

How will the visiting research groups contribute to strengthening the AI research at Chalmers in general? 

The visiting researcher or visiting research group will lead this effort together with the local hosts/applicants. 

Page manager Published: Thu 30 Sep 2021.