The granted CHAIR Consortium Seed Projects 2020

​Eight projects have been granted seed funding by the CHAIR Consortium.
​Approximately 2,4 MSEK have been granted to the 8 approved proposals. The criteria for the selection were those specified in the call.

Miroslaw Staron, Helena Odenstedt Herges, Silvana Naredi, Linda Block and Mikael Elam
eHRV - Using EEG to label HRV data for detection of Delayed Cerebral Ischema in Stroke Patients

Jun Li, Jiajia Chen and Lei Chen
Robust Federated Learning against Low-quality and Corrupted Data

Kun Gao, Yongzhi Zhang and Xiaobo Qu
Online Lithium-ion Battery State of Health Prognostics
Huu Le
Learning to Solve Robust Visual Odometry
Lucy Ellen Lwakatare and Aiswarya Raj
Automatic data validation in data-streams for machine learning
Fredrik Johansson and Alexander Schliep
AI and Missingness in Diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease
Sina Rezaei Aghdam, Marija Furdek Prekratic and Alexandre Graell I Amat
Enhanced Security and Privacy for Wireless Federated Learning
Christian Berger
DegradeFX - Explicating and Measuring Data Degradation Effects on ML

Here was the call (the deadline has passed)
Call for CHAIR Consortium Seed projects 2020 >

Published: Fri 26 Jun 2020.