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Research cooperation on AI in healthcare

Sahlgrenska University Hospital aims to be a driving force in the development of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Chalmers has complementary expertise. A joint research agenda will give the hospital and Chalmers the ability to develop the high-tech healthcare of tomorrow.
​If we wish to take on the challenges that a growing and ageing population pose to healthcare, we must take help from new technology to make changes to working methods. Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to be put into practical use in the healthcare sector.

Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR) was formed at the start of the year, and conducts research in areas such as autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and e-health. Chair and Sahlgrenska University Hospital have entered into a strategic research cooperation on AI in healthcare. The hospital benefits from the AI expertise found at Chalmers, while Chalmers benefits from the university hospital’s medical expertise.

"Chalmers has a long tradition of successful collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and the research cooperation in AI will strengthen this greatly. Through the AI collaboration, we will achieve exciting new results that are important not only to both partners, but also to society in general," says Ivica Crnkovic, Director of Chalmers AI Research Centre.

Sahlgrenska University Hospital is an arena for outstanding research, and a number of development projects currently being conducted at the hospital use AI as support for areas such as diagnosis. The research cooperation now opens up new opportunities in the digital transition that the healthcare sector is facing.

"We need to advance our positions in artificial intelligence. At the hospital, we have very good collaborations with both academia and the business world, where new areas of collaboration pave the way for great progress in this field. AI is an important tool that will ultimately enable us to offer high-quality healthcare to everyone who needs it. Our collaboration with Chair is a big step in the right direction," says Ann-Marie Wennberg, Hospital Director of Sahlgrenska University Hospital.


  • Chalmers AI Research Centre is a competence centre aimed at increasing Chalmers’ expertise and excellence in artificial intelligence in partnership with industry and society.

  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital works in close collaboration with a number of innovation platforms, such as AI Innovation of Sweden and Medtech West. They also work in close collaboration with Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenska Science Park, to name a few.

  •  The partners (Chalmers and SU) have drafted a letter of intent aimed at entering into a research cooperation. An application has also been submitted to the Regional Development unit of Region Västra Götaland to seek support for the project. The formal research cooperation agreement has not yet been signed.

Page manager Published: Thu 05 Sep 2019.