Call for projects: CHAIR X + AI

With the new X+AI initiative, CHAIR aims to establish an instrument that allows Chalmers-based researchers in any field (X) with a strong international standing to develop an environment that leverages AI to reach global excellence. The goal of this new CHAIR X+AI grant is to support the development of consortia that can potentially lead to new project applications, create new networks or participate in existing ones.
We invite team leaders to apply for the new CHAIR X+AI grants and submit their strong applications which should fulfill the following criteria:
  1. The main PI should be an employee from Chalmers. External partners are allowed to participate but cannot be direct beneficiaries of this grant.
  2. Establishes synergistic and unusual connections of X to AI with internal, national, international, or industrial partners.
  3. Explores promising synergies between X and AI, to achieve goals that can only be possible by working together.
  4. Enable concrete discussions between X and AI, and build a collaborative environment.
  5. Identifies and aligns resources and needs to facilitate effective connection of X and AI.


Budget and instrument details:

  1. We aim to fund 2-3 projects with budgets between 300 kSEK to 750 kSEK. The total budget for this call is 1.5 MSEK. Budgets can be used freely for salaries, travel, consumables, etc. However, larger budget allocations (>50 kSEK) should be clearly justified in the application text.
  2. ​​​Outcome: A final project report should be delivered and presented (could also include a video, presentation, etc.) describing the outcome and a plan for upscaling, e.g. grant applications, partner in consortiums, coordination of consortiums etc. The scope of the final report is 5 pages.

Deadline for call: Nov 15th, 2021

The application should be maximum 3 pages long, font Times–roman, size 11. In addition, max 1 page can be used for references. Also, two- page CV of the main applicants should be included (max 4 CVs).


The proposal should include:

  1. The project acronym and the project title (does not count towards 3 page limit)
    1. name, e-mail, of the project applicants (PIs)
  2. Current status and expected outcome from this newly developed connection.
    1. Why should research area X be combined with AI? - why is this connection/synergy important to advance the state-of-the-art?
    2. Explain the scope of the new and potential synergies of the proposed network.            
  3. Implementation plan for synergy of X + AI at Chalmers (workshops, visits, proposals, consortia, and networks)
  4. Ethical aspects and Diversity and inclusion strategy of the project (e.g. age, gender, seniority level, etc.)
  5. Benefits for Chalmers
  6. Project partners
  7. Project budget

Main evaluation criteria:

  1. Establish the connections between X and AI (during grant application: internal, national, international, or industry)
  2. Explore potential synergies between X and AI (more details, planning for grant applications, conceptualizing concrete ideas)
  3. Enable Discussions between X and AI (ensure commitment or time)
  4. Innovative explorations -- unusual partners -- and their potentials
  5. Identifying and Aligning the resources to expertises to connect X and AI?

The application should be submitted as one PDF document to:

General questions about the call can be addressed to:
Fredrik Kahl,​, CHAIR management group

Page manager Published: Tue 14 Sep 2021.