Call for CHAIR Consortium Seed Projects 2020

​Call for seed project proposals (budget not exceeding 300 kSEK) that address AI research projects with given themes.
Important dates:
Submission due : May  15, 2020  (the date is firm)
Notification: June 25, 2020
Project start :  Latest Oct 1st 2020
Project end: Latest March 1st 2021

The CHAIR Consortium consists of the following partners: Chalmers, Volvo Group, CEVT, Volvo Cars, Ericsson and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. While the application domains of the partners are diverse, they all face a set of common challenges in developing AI/ML solutions, which are addressed in this call. This call for seed projects asks for novel research ideas and solutions that address these common challenges.
The project should be relevant for the following themes:

Theme 1: Advances in handling aspects of real data in machine learning

Most AI/ML methods depend on access to large volumes of high quality data. However, there is often a number of aspects that interfere with the requirements for which many machine learning methods have been developed which raises challenges such as:

  • Privacy and security of data that cannot be leaked or shared
  • Low quality of data or annotations, reliability of data from untrusted sources
  • Streaming data and corresponding algorithms 
  • Continuously updated data
The above items may be addressed by techniques also known as federated learning, robust learning, stream processing and streaming analytics, and adaptive machine learning. Hence, this theme calls for research into developing solutions addressing these aspects of real data.

Theme 2: Integration of knowledge- and data driven techniques

In many applications, there is a need to combine pure data driven methods with specific models based on specialized domain knowledge tailored for the task at hand. This raises challenges such as:
  • Incorporation of knowledge about physical laws into data driven methods
  • Combination of a data driven model with a physics based model
  • Generation of representative training data by combining real data, physics-based simulation, and re-sampling techniques
The above items may be addressed by techniques also known as gray-box system identification, hybrid learning, simulation-based learning, generative modeling, and knowledge- and data driven approaches. Hence, this theme calls for research into developing such hybrid solutions.

This is a call for proposals that address one of these two themes. In the project proposal there should be clear and explicit relations to these themes. Applications that build teams with good gender balance are encouraged.

The seed projects are expected to be relevant for some or for all CHAIR Consortium partners.  The funding is assumed for researchers employed by Chalmers. Other partners, including CHAIR consortium partners, could be included in the projects, but their funding is not covered by this call, and their efforts should be expressed in-kind (FTE).  


  • Eligible applicants are Chalmers researchers including GU employees at shared departments (MV and CSE). PhD students or master students from Chalmers, or GU from the education programs at shared departments can be included in the project.
  • The budget should not exceed 300 kSEK including indirect costs (OH). It can cover personnel costs, and other costs up to 10% of the project budget, excluding equipment.  Furter, 10% funding in kind is requested from the department.
  • The  proposal should have a clear and explicit relation to one or both themes. It should also be relevant to the CHAIR consortium partners.
  • The proposal should follow the formats and outline defined in two templates. Incomplete proposals, or proposals that do not follow the defined format and size of the templates will be desk-rejected.
  • A researcher can only be part of one proposal. Researchers already funded by CHAIR in 2019 or 2020 cannot apply.

Submission and notification

The proposals should be submitted as one PDF file consisting of the following parts
  1. Chair Project proposal form (CHAIR Project proposal template)  - one page 
  2. Project Plan (CHAIR Project plan template​​) - max 3 pages
  3. Ethical considerations, in the spirit of the CHAIR Ethical Policy as a part of the project plan.
  4. CVs of main applicants - one page per applicant
Upon notification, the PIs should prepare and sign the project contract with the CHAIR Consortium. The PI’s manager will also sign the contract. 

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The research novelty of the proposal.
  • The relevance for core partners (including the number that found it relevant).
  • The possible impact of the research to the research field.
  • The expected research results, and the potential of the research results for further research or utilisation.
  • The feasibility of the project plan.
  • The ability of the project members to deliver the results.
  • The ethical reasoning. 

The proposals will be evaluated by the CHAIR Operational Team​ and decision of funding will be taken by the CHAIR Core Partners Board. 

Contact Information

The call general questions can be sent to Ivica Crnkovic ( or Kolbjörn Tunström (​).
For questions related to the ethical aspects of the proposal you can contact Olle Häggström (

To contact Core partners for particular questions related to the project proposal you can contact
CEVT: Shafiq Urréhman
Ericsson: Aneta Vulgarakis 
Sahlgrenska University Hospital: Anders Hyltander 
Volvo Cars: Erik Hjerpe
Volvo Group: Jenny Erneman​

Published: Tue 14 Apr 2020.