AI in Horizon Europe – please answer the call!

​Focus on AI is strong in Horizon Europe, the EU's key funding programme for research and innovation! Chalmers AI Research Centre offers you, as a Chalmers researcher, support for getting engaged in Horizon Europe. Build collaborations, attract funding and break new ground with CHAIR's support.​
Horizon Europe is an important platform for AI research and a brilliant opportunity for Chalmers to increase the international collaborations within the research area.

CHAIR now offers all Chalmers researchers support to get engaged in Horizon Europe. We have entered a collaboration with IMCG, Impact Management Consulting Group,​ to ease your way into Horizon Europe projects. IMCG has extensive experience in supporting Chalmers researchers to become successful in various roles in EU’s research programmes. We encourage you to explore the different ways to get engaged below and to get in touch about the next step.

​Here are some ways to get engaged:

Watch our webinar and learn why Horizon Europe is relevant to your research

On May 4th CHAIR held a webinar led by Magnus Andersson from IMCG, on opportunities for AI Research in Horizon Europe (Horizon Europe Calling! | Chalmers). Watch the webinar here (Horizon Europe webinar). Hear also Prof. Kasper Moth-Poulsen’s presentation about his own Horizon journey (listen from 52:30). Take it from him; “You can’t outsmart your competitors, but you can outplan them!”

To start taking action, please get in touch with IMCG, Impact Management Consulting Group, Finance Expert Johan Emanuel,, and he will help you forward on any of the following matters, or any other inquiries you might have about Horizon Europe. 

– Browse relevant calls and find your match 

Horizon Europe is, according to the EU, the world’s largest innovation and research program, and obviously there are multiple opportunities to find your match within the program. To get you started,  IMCG has assembled a list of AI-related Horizon Europe calls within these different clusters. These are:

  • Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society

  • Civil Security for Society

  • Digital, Industry and Space

  • Climate, Energy and Mobility

  • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural resources, Agriculture and Environment

The list is available to all Chalmers researchers on request.

– Get onboard as partner in a consortium

Getting involved with the right partners is key for a successful application. IMCG’s method puts you in the right context. Start exploring the opportunities of being a partner in a consortium!

Before you contact IMCG

  • Write down 3 short sentences that describe and summarize the part of your research you want to participate in an application with.

  • Write down 3 short sentences and what you want to achieve with your participation in a project.

  • Write down 5-7 specific keywords that we can use when searching for calls and consortiums.

– Start your journey for becoming a consortium leader 

If you are running a strong research program and want to explore the possibilities for taking the lead of a consortium, IMCG has the methods to put you on the right call. Leading a consortium is not only a great experience for a research leader, it will also put you in a good position in an EU and European context.

On the European Commission’s webpage, you can find a detailed description of Horizon Europe – Horizon Europe | European Commission ( Search for fundings and tenders on: Participant portal EU Funding & tenders (

Please also visit the web pages of Chalmers Grant Office: EU funding support.


Page manager Published: Tue 25 May 2021.