CHAIR launches AI Ethics Committee

Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR) has initiated an AI Ethics Committee to help ensure an ethics perspective permeates all research and activities at the Centre. Olle Häggström, member of the committee, explains some of the ethical concerns related to artificial intelligence.

“This has to do, for instance, with bias in AI systems, with transparency or lack of transparency when an AI system makes decisions. It has to do with how AI systems can manipulate not only images and videos, but in fact, manipulate also humans.” says Olle Häggström, professor, Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers.

Other ethical concerns are AI technology being used for autonomous weapons systems, and how robotization will affect the economy and the labour market.

“The AI ethics committee’s main purpose is to make sure that all activities at the centre are informed by an ethics perspective. Exactly how to do this is not yet written in stone,but we will probably be running seminars about AI ethics issues, workshops and courses.”

Chalmers AI Research Centre will also enable the development of new knowledge by supporting research project with a focus on AI Ethics and establish collaborations with external partners.

Page manager Published: Thu 04 Apr 2019.