6 new PhD position to Chalmers from WASP

​​The latest call for PhD proposals from WASP resulted in six new PhD positions at Chalmers 

The competition this year was quite tough, there were 74 proposals in total,  and 20 proposals have been accepted. Chalmers submitted 24 proposals (the largest number of the proposals from a single university), 4 of them twining projects.

Previously this year, Chalmers got approved four industrial PhD students. That shows that Chalmers researchers show continuously increasing interest in applying for WASP funds and are getting more and more successful. This is a promising trend, and we hope that it will continue, as WASP will continue with new calls this and next year. Chalmers is one of the five WASP founding universities, and WASP is important for Chalmers, not only for the funding reasons, but also for building Swedish communities, and  in participation in the international communities in the selected areas (AI, Autonomous Systems and Software). For example, two of Chalmers PhD students, from the first six WASP PhD students that got a postdoc grant,  are continuing their careers as postdocs at CMU and Berkeley universities, funded from KAW and WASP. 

The following project proposals were accepted:

 ​Two of these six projects are “twining” projects with KTH in which each University has one PhD student.

Page manager Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021.