AI Ethics with Jenny Eriksson Lundström

​Who are you when the systems fail? Contemporary existence as relations between law, ethics and automation.
Photo of Jenny Eriksson Lundström
Has everyday ethics become too much to handle in a world of biometrics? We will first point to the digital transformation of society and the social as deeply mediatized and share some preliminary thoughts on how an enriched understanding of existence can serve as basis for, medium of and outcome for the relations of automation, law and ethics. In this talk we will draw on the work in the Wasp HS project BioMe, Existential challenges and ethical imperatives of biometric AI in everyday lifeworlds, that builds on Amanda Lagerkvist’s existential media studies.

Jenny Eriksson Lundström is a PhD and a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Uppsala University. Her research focus on automation, innovation and ethics. She currently serve as co-PI in the Wasp-HS founded project BioMe.

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Category Lecture; Public lecture; Seminar
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Starts: 31 January, 2023, 13:15
Ends: 31 January, 2023, 14:15

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