AI Ethics with Emma Engström

​A new world with AI-driven decisions – implications for privacy, autonomy, and democracy
Photo of Emma Engström
AI has recently transformed from an obscure academic endeavor to a driver of the fourth industrial revolution. With ever-advancing machine learning algorithms, AI can make ever-more precise inference using an ever-expanding set of behavioral data online. In particular, AI that functions as decision-support has developed and spread amazingly fast.

This presentation articulates some of the ensuing social challenges. It accounts for work in progress within the project Predicting the diffusion of artificial intelligence (WASP-HS), in which we ask:
How are AI-technologies adopted in society? Do they diffuse similarly as earlier general-purpose technologies? Do concerns about privacy, autonomy, and fairness influence potential adopters of AI? What are the social and ethical implications of the AIs that are likely to spread particularly fast?

Emma Engström is a researcher within the theme The societal impact of new technologies at the Institute for Futures studies in Stockholm, and a researcher at the Department of Urban planning and Environment (KTH). She holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering (KTH), an MSc in Engineering Physics (KTH), and a BSc in Political Science (Uppsala University). Her research interests span broadly across topics within Technology in Society.

Category Public lecture; Seminar
Location: Online, register to receive the link
Starts: 06 December, 2022, 13:15
Ends: 06 December, 2022, 14:15

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