About us

Chalmers AI Research Centre (CHAIR) significantly increase Chalmers’ expertise and excellence in Artificial Intelligence. Our objective is to conduct world-leading research for the benefit of both industry and the public sector.

Our mission is to …

….develop unique AI expertise in research, education, and innovation

.…offer a highly attractive environment for world-leading AI researchers

.…become the preferred AI partner for Swedish industry.

Addressing the technological revolution

Today, data is everywhere and is continuously recorded and stored throughout business and ordinary life. The key to using such an immense body of data to benefit society is artificial intelligence. AI provides indispensable tools for many researchers working on a wide variety of problems. Chalmers AI Research Centre enable these researchers to connect, share knowledge and develop new technologies.

The AI paradigm, which involves computers being able to learn how to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, has the potential to completely transform the way our society operates.

To address these challenges, Chalmers AI Research Centre ...

  • will be a centre of excellence in AI with research focus on both basic and applied AI.
  • have extensive collaboration with industrial partners.
  • are integrating Chalmers AI research activities with national and international research initiatives in which Chalmers plays an active role.
  • support education activities within AI and related areas.
  • encourage innovation and commercialization activities in the AI area.

We also need research into the risks and ethics of AI. For example, if AI replaces a human making a decision, how do we ensure we know the basis of that decision?

 The Chalmers Foundation co-finance the centre together with Chalmers and industry partners.

Chalmers AI Research Centre is hosted by Chalmers Areas of Advance ICT.

Page manager Published: Wed 29 Jun 2022.