Cell C - Single-Cylinder Engine for a Gasoline Engine

Cell C houses an AVL light duty single cylinder rig that can be set up as a metal motor or an optically accessible motor in the Bowditch configuration. The engine has a displacement of 500 cc in both cases, and it is used mostly for research on gasoline engines. Measurements with high resolution pressure and temperature sensors are used and a normal emission bench is available. In addition, a AVL Microsoot and a Cambustion Fast Particle Analyzer are used to detect exhaust manifold particulate (mass, number, and size, from 5 nm up to 1 μm). 

Optical access from the side and underneath (through the piston crown) allows the use of advanced laser diagnostics to study various combustion modes such as homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), and stratified and homogeneous spray-guided direct-injected spark-ignited combustion. As an example, planar laser induced fluorescence (PLIF) and particle image velocimetry (PIV) can be used to study mixing, combustion, and emissions formation. 

The engine has variable valve timing that can be adjusted independent of other processes like injection timing, allowing control of combustion phasing for example.

1-cylinder engine with an optical diagnostic experiment set up around it.

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Nov 2015.