Cell B - Single-Cylinder for a Heavy Duty Engine cell

Cell B is equipped with an AVL 1 cylinder engine, based on a Volvo D12 designed for heavy duty vehicles. The single cylinder engine has a displacement of 2 liters with relatively low swirl. The head can be outfitted with a unit injector or a common rail system, allowing studies of various injector parameters. 

Owing to the fuel system flexibility, it is possible to perform experiments with many types of fuel. Example fuels that have been studied to date include Fischer-Tropsch (FT), rape seed methyl ester (RME), palm methyl ester (PME), soy methyl ester (SME), dimethyl ether (DME), blends of alcohol with Diesel fuel, and Diesel/water emulsions. The intake air can be temperature conditioned and blended with exhaust gas (EGR) to various mixture ratios. 

To study combustion processes in more detail, the engine is fitted with an endoscope that provides limited optical access to the combustion chamber, e.g. for luminosity imaging. It is thus possible to study detailed combustion and emissions formation processes in the engine.

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Nov 2015.