Low Pressure Chamber

​The Chalmers low pressure (around 10 bar) is used to study sprays intended for use in direct injected gasoline or ethanol engines. Other types of sprays can also be studied; urea sprays for after-treatment of NOx in exhaust gas, for example. 

Measurement techniques applied to these sprays include schlieren and shadowgraphy imaging, elastic laser light scattering (often called Mie scattering) from drops, laser induced fluorescence (LIF) for fuel and gas-phase species, ballistic imaging of spray breakup dynamics and so forth. The spray chamber is normally used for spray studies where a moderate degree of evaporation is sufficient, and for studies of sprays under cold-start conditions.

The low press. spray chamber set up with a cooling system for the fuel and arr. with optics for high speed imag. of a gas. spray

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Nov 2015.