About us

​CERC - Combustion Engine Research Center
Achieving sustainable powertrain technology through excellence in research and education

CERC concentrates on research aiming for reductions both of fuel consumption and engine exhaust emissions. The projects at the centre include both experimental validation of models and systems and new concepts associated with alternative fuels.

“CERC is an interdisciplinary center that synthesizes basic knowledge and scientific discovery from a number of subject areas, and then applies them to industrially relevant research on combustion engines. We maintain industrial relevance via topical “Reference Groups” made up of representatives from Swedish industry and the university (including very active participation by PhD students). The Reference Groups meet regularly to discuss CERC research projects at the most detailed level. At a higher level, the industrial members of the CERC board ensure that the center is coordinated, balanced, and focused on genuine, longer term industrial needs.”

/Bengt Johansson, Director of CERC

Page manager Published: Wed 10 Feb 2021.