​The Competence Center

Chalmers Center for Combustion Engine Research (CERC ) was established in 1995. It is an interdisciplinary engineering research center located at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. CERC is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, industry, and Chalmers itself. 

 CERC’s Vision is: 

To generate knowledge and methods that the automotive industry needs to be able to develop highly efficient and ultra-clean internal combustion engines, taking exhaust after-treatment into account that use renewable/low carbon fuels and are a part of an electrified/hybridized powertrain. 

 CERC’s Mission is:

  • To conduct groundbreaking engine and fuel-related research with a focus on turbulent combustion of transient sprays, engine efficiency, and emissions.
  • To couple experiments and simulations with the goal of developing successively more predictive engine models.
  • To educate top level engineers and scientists capabel of secureing rapid technological development for the motor industry.
  • To serve as a forum where industrialists and academics can meet to exchange knowledge and information productively.

Research Program

CERC’s main research areas are:

  1.  Engines & Powertrains (applied research)
    - SI Engines (spark ignition engines)
    - CI Engines (compression ignition engines)
    - Hybrid powertrains, control, exhaust after-treatment and vehicle modeling (1D and 0D)
    - Renewable fuels
  2. Sprays and optical diagnostics (generic research)
  3. Development of numerical methods, spray and combustion models

Fundamental for the activities of CERC is that all projects will be carried out in close collaboration between the industry and the university


Roughly 30 scientists from Chalmers and 20 industrial representatives are involved.

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