​The Centre for Housing Architecture (CBA) participates in the education of students at the bachelor and master's level

Master studio

The master studio Housing Inventions is organized by CBA.

Some selected student projects:

Master's theses

CBA member organizations contribute suggestions for master's theses. It could be in the form of housing-related projects the organizations are involved in or similar. CBA also keep a number of project suggestions where companies present sites in or in the vicinity of Gothenburg where students can develop a housing project.

CBA master's theses can be made as a drawing-based project where drawings are the student's main tool. Another alternative, the most common, is to create a booklet. That is to say a compilation of materials of a housing project with facades, sections, details, plans as well as a complementing text. The third alternative is a purely text-based project.

Further education for professionals

CBA holds courses for professional architects and others.

Page manager Published: Fri 19 Nov 2021.