​Optical monitoring of laser blown powder Directed Energy Deposition
​Image credit: Antonio Ancona, University West​

Quality assurance and control in AM

We develop process monitoring systems and improve process robustness utilizing state-of-the-art in-situ monitoring and control systems in powder bed fusion – laser beam (PBF-LB) with special focus on Optical Tomography (OT), Melt Pool Monitoring (MPM) and process gas monitoring systems. We utilize in-situ monitoring systems to increase AM process stability, repeatability and reproducibility.

The aim of this RA is to develop robust process monitoring system for the powder bed AM processes. Focus is placed on development of the feedback and control of AM systems, in-situ monitoring and control methods and systems and their relation to post-AM NDT as well as inspection data analysis algorithm for efficient data analysis.

Two initiatives:

  1. On-line Process Monitoring for Laser Powder Bed Fusion.
    The objective is to develop the basic requirements for the in-situ sensors to provide non-destructive evaluation and allow for early detection of flaws/defects. Developed defect analysis system and its calibration utilizing non-destructive post-control of material defects through CT-scanning is performed.

  2. Process Atmospheres in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
    Project is focused on understanding the role of the gas properties and control for the PBF-LB process. The effect of the residual oxygen and processing gas properties are addressed. Effect of the gas density and thermal properties on the component properties, process robustness and productivity with focus on different processing gases (Ar, N2 and He) and their mixes is studied.

Research Area Leaders

Dr Zhuoer Chen, Chalmers and Pierre Foret, Linde

Researchers involved

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz, PhD student, Chalmers
Camille Pauzon, PhD student, Chalmers (defended 2021)
Dr Zhuoer Cen, post-doc researcher, Chalmers
 Prof. Lars Nyborg, Chalmers
Prof. Eduard Hryha, Chalmers

Partners involved

Chalmers, FCC, Rise IVF, University West, Linköping University, Alfa Laval, Arcam, Atlas Copco, GKN Aerospace, Höganäs, SAAB, Sandvik, Siemens, Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo GTO, Linde, Carl Zeiss, Quintus Technologies, RZ Riboverken, AIM Sweden, Brogrens Industries, Cascade Control, Lasertech LSHAB, Modul System, Ortoma, Permanova Lasersystem, Tooltec.

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