​Building of test cubes/in-situ alloying with mixed powder.
​Image credit: Lars Nyborg, Chalmers

New materials development for additive manufacturing

​We exploit possibilities to manufacture novel materials with net-shape complex 3D geometries using powder-based additive manufacturing. 

The nature of the additive manufacturing process itself results in significantly different material structure and hence properties. Hence, focus of the research area is to take advantage of the unique possibilities of the AM process for realising novel materials by means of different approaches of alloy design as well as mixed materials synthesis.

Image right: Mixed powder created for in-situ alloying in laser powder bed fusion.

The research will focus on four major parts:
  • New alloy design by using mixed powder solutions to create novel control of  microstructure
  • AM as means of realising so-called high entropy alloys, which constitute the lastest discovery in design of metallic materials in the world
  • Design of novel AM-materials through combination of 2D-materials and metal powder to create new functional properties
  • New concepts to allow for fabrication of graded structures

Two initiatives

​In each research area there are specific ongoing initiatives. In this area, there are two:​​

  1. Mixed material, in-situ alloying and high entropy alloys 
    This initiative constitute a start-up activity at Chalmersduring 2018 in which the feasibility of applying laser powder fusion to fabricate high entropy alloys is researched and also how mixed powder solution using additives can be applied to tune solidification and hence microstructural development during the AM process.
  2. 2D material/powder composites by means of AM
    This initiative is run as a special in-kind support project during 2018 at Chalmers providing a pre-study to demonstrate how metal powder can be coated with graphene oxide and then how such coated powder can be further processed in laser powder bed fusion.

Research Area Leader

Researchers involved

Lars Nyborg, Chalmers,
Sheng Guo, Chalmers, 
Masoud Rashini, Chalmers, 
Vincenzo Palermo, Chalmers, 
Yu Cao, Chalmers.
Bharat Mehta, PhD student, Chalmers
Sri Bala Aditya Malladi, PhD student, Chalmers

Partners involved

Chalmers, Höganäs AB, AB Sandvik, Quintus Technologies AB, Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Atlas Copco/Epiroc AB, SAAB AB, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB. External co-operation with KTH, Swerea KIMAB and CNRS Bologna.

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