The Chalmers Avancez mark being 3D printed
The ​Chalmers Avancez mark being 3D printed. ​​​
​Image credit: Johan Bodell, Chalmers


Additive manufacturing – or metal 3D printing – is a revolutionary technology with the potential to change the entire manufacturing landscape. With additive manufacturing it is possible to create innovative and advanced metallic components in a completely new way, with brand new performance and functionality.

CAM2 coordinates core competencies in powder metallurgy, materials engineering, process development and product design for the development of materials and processes for additive manufacturing.

By using powder metallurgy science, advanced materials characterization, process development and simulation the centre covers the whole chain of powder-based additive manufacturing:

  • CAD Design
  • Powder
  • Characterisation and Simulation
  • Prototypes
  • Fabrication
  • Post-manufacturing treatment

We act in seven research areas

Read more about the research areas, what we do and why. Find out which partners are involved and who is responsible for each area.​


Page manager Published: Wed 04 Mar 2020.