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Lisa Åbom, CTO at Saab Aeronautics and chairman of the board of CAM2 and Eduard Hryha, Director of CAM2. ​

Midway report from CAM2

In the middle of January,  CAM2 had their first board meeting of the year, together with the executive team. The board has representatives from large enterprises, SME’s  and international partners. Here is a brief summary from their meeting: 

“It was a great meeting,” says Eduard Hryha, director of CAM2. “We have come midway through our Vinnova funded period and are impressed by the big commitment and the work done. Today we had presentations on what type of activities in the area of metal additive manufacturing the industry partners are doing and the projects developed within the CAM2.”

Lisa Åbom, CTO at Saab Aeronautics and chairman of the board of CAM2, continues: 
“For me, working at SAAB, I am interested to see what the other companies in Sweden are doing. Another important aspect is the knowledge sharing among involved partners and understanding state-of-the-art of metal AM, which CAM2 is representing.”

 “It is also interesting to see significant increase in implementation of additive manufacturing by industry in Sweden, from scouting activities when centre was started into expanded actual production using powder based metal AM”, says Eduard.

Both Eduard and Lisa highlighted good example from four SMEs. They jointly formed and run a project within CAM2 – 3D-Fix – with an approach to close the manufacturing chain. The projects aims to develop optimized fixtures through metal additive manufacturing. The focus of the 3D-Fix project is to understand the aspects of design for AM including optimization using for example topology optimization, possibilities of AM fabrication of final product using different powder bed AM processes using national service providers, to evaluate the potential needs for different post-treatment operation to reach the desired product quality (including quality assurance). 

The demonstrator, created in a project, allows SMEs in Sweden to better understand possibilities of powder AM processing as well as establish the entire supply chain. 
 “And as an end-user as we are, that is really the challenge,” says Lisa and continues. “How do we find a good supply chain in industry? The case from the SMEs is a good example of that.”

The board also discussed strategies for future development in Sweden in general and in CAM2 in particular. The agreement between the industry partners is to keep on pushing and challenge themselves with the intention to ensure that Sweden is advancing as one of the leaders in metal AM. 

“So, let’s continue this good progress in CAM2 for next period,” finishes Lisa Åbom.

Group of people

From left, back: Eduard Hryha, director CAM2, Andreas Markström, ThermoCalc, Pierre Forêt, Linde AG, Sigurd Berg, Höganäs, Åsa Gustafson, Scania, Oskar Bruce, Alfa Laval, Olli Nyrhilä, EOS Finland, Lisa Åbom, Chairman of the board, SAAB Areonautics and Fredrik Olofsson, Brogren Industries.
From left, front: Lars Nyborg, Co-director CAM2, Cathy Yao Chen, ABB AB, Annika Roos, Sandvik, Ashish Ganvir, GKN Aerospace, Joakim Ålgårdh, Arcam and Nicklas Johansson, Siemens.
In front some samples from a case presented during the meeting (fixture for welding – Brogrens and Siemens).

Page manager Published: Wed 04 Mar 2020.