CAM2 innovation seminar 2 - Sustainable Impact

​Date: 26 August 2021
Where: Online seminar in Teams
About registration: Last day to register is 24 August. Please, register using link provided below.


Contact regarding registration:

Registration link has been sent out to registered participants, if you have registered but not received a meeting link until 15.00 on Wednesday, 25-th of August, please contact Jessica

We welcome you to this seminar on sustainable impact for powder based metal additive manufacturing (AM). Metal AM is an emerging technology with some well-established niche applications, however, the larger impact and adoption of the technology is still to be seen. In this seminar we will be looking into the potential of metal AM to tackle the greater sustainability challenges and the way the center work to ensure the capacity for going from research to impact. 

The larger question of creating impact from research will be supported in the seminar by three parts:

  1. Intellectual asset management frameworks for identifying and managing research results
  2. Sustainability Challenges in AM as focus areas for impact
  3. Impact circle to map out the activates to bridge between research and Impact

This seminar is only for CAM2 PhD students and for participants from each industrial partner within CAM2.
Same organisation number is required if different company name.


09:00 Opening

Sustainability challenges of metal AM – Summarizing the sustainability hotspots of the technology
Group discussions and panel discussion on sustainability challenges

Lunch break

Intellectual asset management – ownership and control as an instrument for openness
Introduction to Impact Circle - framework, concepts and definitions for connecting research activities to a broader sustainability impact
Group discussion -  sustainability impact in CAM2 center

16:00 End

Full attendance is required.

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