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08.30-10.00     SESSION 1: Alloy design

Keynote speech 
Development of advanced Ni-base superalloys for additive manufacturing: 
relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties
Johan Moverare, Linköping University, Sweden
Probabilistic neural network identification of an alloy for direct laser deposition
Gareth Conuit, University of Cambridge, UK
Laser synthesis of composite powders  for laser additive manufacturing
Bilal Gökce, Technical Chemistry I, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Computational design of grain structure control in additive manufacturing through inoculants
Durga Ananthanarayanan, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

10.30-12.00     SESSION 2: AM alloy design – modelling and validation
Keynote speech 
Additive manufacturing of steels - alloy development aided by integrated computational materials engineering
Greta Lindwall, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Alloys for Additive Manufacturing - Computational Predictions of microstructures and Phase Transformations
Karin Frisk, Höganäs AB

Applications of CALPHAD Based Tools to Additive Manufacturing
Andreas Markström, Thermo-Calc Software AB

Design of novel Fe-based BMGs for improved printability in Additive Manufacturing
Martin Walbrühl, QuesTek Europe AB & QuesTek Innovations LLC

13.00-14.50     SESSION 3: Powder for AM

Keynote speech 
The role of alloys and powders with respect to quality management in laser powder bed fusion
Adriaan Spierings, Inspire AG/ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Invited speaker 
Metal powder offering for Additive Manufacturing – can it pave the way for further growth
Sigurd Berg, Höganäs AB
Invited speaker 
Product life cycle management and readiness levels for Industrial AM
Olli Nyrhilä, EOS Electro Optical Systems Finland Oy
A novel method for AM powder feeding: Experiments and Numerical Modelling
Chad W Sinclair, Univ. British Columbia, Dept. of Materials Engineering, Canada
Evolution of powder properties through Selective Laser Melting process cycles
Zhuoer Chen, Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Australia/Dept. for Industrial and Materials Science, Chalmers

15.20-17.10     SESSION 4: Microstructure and properties of AM components

Keynote speech 
Additively manufactured alloys and functionally graded materials: phases and mechanical behavior
Allison M. Beese, Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA

The transformation-induced-plasticity effect in a stainless steel 304L processed by selective laser melting
Efthymios Polatidis, Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland 
Material Performance in Selective Electron Beam Melting and Selective Laser Melting
Matthias Gieseke, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Low-alloy steel powders for pre-placed powder laser additive manufacturing
Alexander Kaplan, Luleå University of Technology, Dept. TVM, Chair of Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Sweden
Blown powder additive manufacturing and laser cladding; High speed imaging of the 
incorporation of different powder materials into the melt pool
John Powell, Laser Expertise Ltd., Nottingham, UK

17.10-18.00    POSTER SESSION 


08.30-10.00     SESSION 5: Iron-based alloys for AM
Keynote speech 
Alloys for EBM
Burghard Klöden, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials, Dresden, Germany
Electron Beam Melting of highly alloyed Cr-Mo-V-W tool steels
Markus Ramsperger, Arcam EBM
Optimization of 17-4 PH SLM process parameters toward mesoscale parts           
Olivier Chandran, CSEM SA (Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique), Switzerland

Desing and synthesis of structural steels for L-PBF                                                   
Maurizio Vedani, Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Meccanica, Italy

10.30-12.00     SESSION 6: Process control in AM
Keynote speech 
Additive manufacture 4.0: Using in-process data to control component integrity and 
Iain Todd, University of Sheffield, MAPP - Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes, UK
Controlling phase transformations during Laser AM - the Intrinsic Heat Treatment effect 
and beyond
Eric Jägle, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Germany
Laser metal deposition of eutectic Al-Ni alloys
Georg Rödler, Fraunhofer ILT

The twinned martensite formation and evolution of Ti-6Al-4V in selective laser melting 
and following heat treatment
Sheng Cao, Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing, Australia/IMS Chalmers
Time-resolved characterization of novel Ti-alloys for additive manufacturing
Pere Barriobero Vila, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Materials Research, Germany 

13.00-14.50     SESSION 7: Novel alloys for AM
Keynote speech 
Mesoscopic Simulation for AM process development and microstructure design
Carolin Körner, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU, Materials Science Department, Lehrstuhl WTM, Germany
A method to process new alloys by Laser Powder Bed Fusion saving time and powders
Diego Manfredi, Center for Sustainable Future Technologies, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy
High entropy alloy development for AM – Assesment of processability and 
current limitations
Marius Knieps, Oerlikon AM GmbH, Access e.V. (associated with RWTH Aachen University), Germany
Investigation of the Lithium Containing Aluminum Copper Alloy (AA2099) for the 
Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Iris Raffeis, Foundry Institute, RWTH Aachen University, Germany  

3D Magnetic Patterning in Additive Manufacturing via site-specific in-situ Alloy Modification
Ariyan Arabi-Hashemi, Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland

15.20-16.50     SESSION 8: Alloys for AM and heat treatment
Keynote speech  
Alloy Development for Metal AM
Ola Harrysson, Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics, NC State University, USA

Design and heat treatment optimization of a novel high strength Al alloy for Selective Laser Melting
Riccardo Casati, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the densification, microstructure, and mechanical properties of IN718 produced by powder bed laser fusion
Masoud Rashidi, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

AM Lean Manufacturing
Anders Eklund, Quintus Technologies AB

16.50-18.15    POSTER SESSION ​


08.30-10.10     SESSION 1: Alloy design
Microstructural analysis of isolated melt-tracks in IN738 produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Shaafi Shaikh, EOS Finland Oy, Sweden
Selective Laser Melting of Gamma Prime Strengthened Nickel-base Superalloy CM247LC
Seth Griffiths, EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland

Experimental alloy qualification using NADFAM method for PBF-AM
Michael Ackers, (1) Oerlikon AM GmbH, (2) Access e.V. (associated with RWTH Aachen University)

Predictive Process Parameter Selection for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Manufacturing: Applications to High Thermal Conductivity Alloys
Priyanshu Bajaj, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Germany
Processability of Low Alloy Steels via L-PBF
Robert Steinlechner, TU Vienna, Austria

10.40-12.00     SESSION 2: AM process development
The Laser - Powder Bed Fusion atmosphere as a process parameter
Camille Pauzon, Chalmers IMS/Linde AG, Sweden
Analysing size and shape of internal processing defects within selective laser melted aluminium alloy using X-ray micro computed tomography
James Hastie, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
A miniaturized device for in-situ x-rays investigation during Selective Laser Melting
Samy Hocine, Photons for Engineering and Manufacturing Group, PSD, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
Additive Manufacturing of High-Speed Steel by Applying Preheating Temperatures during Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Jasmin Saewe, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, Aachen, Germany

13.00-14.20     SESSION 3: Alloy design
Effect of part design and process parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 316L stainless steel produced by laser powder-bed fusion
Alexander Leicht, Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Industrial and Material Science, Sweden  

Powder coating as an alloying strategy for selective laser melting of copper alloys
Viktor Lindström, EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
On the Processability and Fatigue Resistance of Selective Laser Melted 16MnCr5
Julia Richter, Department of Materials Engineering, Metallic Materials, University of Kassel, Germany
Development of Alx-Cy-CoFeMnNi Multi-Principle Element Alloys Using Additive Manufacturing
Fabian Kies, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

14.40-16.00     SESSION 4: Microstructure and process control in AM
Effect of nucleating particles on the microstructure of 7075 Al alloy manufactured 
by selective laser melting 
Clara Galera Rueda, Imdea Materials Institute and Department of Materials Science, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
Laser Powder Bed Fusion on AlCr-alloys – Options and Challenges to tailore the microstructure
Marko Bärtl, Airbus Central Research & Technology, Germany
A Novel Method For Describing The Morphology Of Spreaded Powder Layers In Direct Laser Melting
Marco Mitterlehner, TU Wien, Austria

Applying Closed loop control to SLM- What’s Standing in the way of control?
Alistair Lyle, University of Sheffield, UK


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