3d printed safety harness bracket for the Chalmers Formula Student car 2018
​Collage: Formula Student Car of 2018, safety harness drawing and CAD model of 3D printed harness bracket.​​​
​​Image credit: Chalmers Formula Student

3D printed safety in the 2018 Chalmers Formula Student Car

CAM2 is one of the sponsors of the Chalmers Formula Student ​project. One of the main focus of CAM2 is the competence development in the area of metal additive manufacturing in Sweden. Chalmers Formula Student is a perfect example of talented group of students who manage to lift the knowledge about additive manufacturing acquired during the course into advanced applications and CAM2 is really proud to support such an initiative. 

Benefits of CAM2 sponsorship - interview with project member Bharat Mehta

What components are 3D printed and what are their significance for the function of the car?

"The components that have been manufactured this year are the harness brackets for driver safety harnesses. These brackets take the entire load of the driver and hold him/her in the car when it’s been driven. The components are structural and thus have to comply to certain standards such as total load taken by each bracket to be about 13 kN for shoulder & lap harness and 6,5 kN for anti-submarine brackets each."

What consequences would it have had for the project not to have had that opportunity?

"It is quite simple. Designing and developing parts such as these provide us an opportunity to innovate and work towards manufacturing a better car. Since we are in a performance-based competition, weight loss in structural steel components is directly proportional to a lighter and better car!"

This cooperation will continue next year. Will there be any changes?

"We have been quite satisfied with the cooperation this year. And we hope to extend it further by utilizing the benefits of additive manufacturing. There is a scope for innovation in several of our vehicle’s parts where strength/weight ratio is sub-optimal and additive manufacturing ushers in a possibility to help us with a way out."

Eduard Hryha​ is the director of CAM2 and he describes his view of the cooperation.

 "Support of the Chalmers Formula Student started from the student project in the course “MTT120 Additive Manufacturing​” where we encourage students to utilize advantages of additive manufacturing for fabrication of the high-performance light-weight components, difficult or even impossible to make by other technologies. Chalmers Formula students, attending the course during last two years, really impressed us with their novel design ideas for application of metal AM for the Chalmers Formula car that naturally expanded outside the frame of the course. This interest further expanded and involved our industrial partners – EOS Finland."


Chalmers Formula Student is a one-year project at Chalmers University of Technology, where students design, manufacture, demonstrate and compete with a Formula 1-inspired electric car in the world's largest engineering competition for students. During this year, they basically undergo the same process that many large companies perform for several years when a new product is designed or an existing product is being developed. In other words, it is a high focus on planning, communication, design, manufacturing, and follow-up. The team consists of 30 first-years master students from nine different master programs and seven nationalities. During the summer, this years team is going to competitions in the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.​


For more information about the cooperation between CAM2 and Chalmers Formula Student, please contact Eduard Hryha.

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