A model of a 3D printed part and the physical object
​A flow connector provided by Alfa Laval​​

Increased productivity of laser powder bed fusion

A 3d printed partOne of the  main challenges with laser powder bed fusion are associated with a low productivity. This project aimed to improved the productivity by Iincreasing the layer thickness from 20  µm up to 80 µm.
This study developd process parameters  for 80 µm layer thickness by using a optical tomography monitoring systems. The produced parts was evaluated with scanning electron microscope and electron backscatter diffraction in conjunction with tensile testing.

The project has shown that the build time can be improved around 400% without compromising the microstructure, density or the mechanical properties.

A demonstrator, provided by AlfaLaval, was produced using the 80 µm layer thickness process parameters, where the build time was reduced from 120h down to around 30h.

Researchers: Alexander Leicht, Marie Fischer, Uta Klement, Lars Nyborg, Eduard Hryha, Chalmers 
Industry partner:  AlfaLaval
Material: 316L
Additive process used: L-PBF
Part size: 26 cm
Part weight: 1,800 g

Page manager Published: Wed 31 Aug 2022.