Heat Exchanger Designs for Additive Manufacturing

1, left side of image (HeatADD): A design inspired by its application for an existing laundry system to further increase sustainability.
2, right side of the image (HexHEX): A design inspired by beehives to create a modular system that can be extended depending on application requirements.

Additive manufacturing (AM) allows engineers to re-think designs and offers high levels of design freedom. This makes the technology highly interdisciplinary as specialist knowledge is required to create design solutions. As part of a new, interdisciplinary master course, students were tasked to develop heat exchanger designs for AM. 

The designs "HeatADD" and "HexHEX" highlight how unique the design solutions are. HeadADD was designed for a specific application idea which would pre-heat water before entering a laundry system and thus improving sustainability. HexHEX allows modular installation through the design inspiration of beehives which allows stacking and adding these modules to increase the capacity of the heat exchanging system.


Fiona Schulz (Chalmers)


Dominika Hamulczuk (HeatADD), Shanjith Raja (HeatADD), Simon Dybeck (HeatADD), Amir Makhamov (HexHEX), Christian Lunberg (HexHEX), Julia Tenuta Martins (HexHEX), Sena Otlu (HexHEX)


TRA105 -Tracks advanced -Product Development by Additive Manufacturing(2020)


Heat exchanger systems

Additive process used:

Printing in EOS M290 machine at Chalmers

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