picture of a 3d printed metal part
​Control Ring, courtesy of Volvo Cars​​​

Development of Ferrous Alloys for L-PBF

Currently, the number of commercially avalaible ferrous alloys in L-PBF is limited to a select group of stainless and tool steels. Research in CAM2 has focused on the development of C-containing steels for L-PBF that can be used in structural applications.

To date, processing windows have been established that allow for the production of fully dense (>99.8%), defect-free components for a variety of Fe-C and low alloyed steels. To prove this capability a control ring for an energy-efficient hydralic pump was produced with 4130 steel using CAM2 developed parameters. 

The component was chosen for L-PBF production due to its complex internal cooling channels and internal structures that are extremely difficult to machine.

Researchers: William Hearn and Marie Fischer, Chalmers 
Industry partners: Volvo Cars & Höganäs
Material: 4130 Steel (Höganäs)
Additive process used: Laser Powder-Bed Fusion
Part size: 11,6 x 11,6 x 7,6 (cm)

Page manager Published: Wed 04 Mar 2020.