Theme group 4: Offshore

​Offshore wind farms promise to become an important source of energy in the near future: it is expected that by the end of this decade, wind farms with a total capacity of thousands of megawatts will be installed in European seas.
For Sweden, the Baltic Sea and the large lakes are the main priority areas, but also the west coast with deeper waters are interesting areas. The Baltic sea in particular has a great potential of installed wind power plants at sea levels of 5-30m. The west coast has a deeper sea level, which calls for research on floating wind power plants.
Research on wind turbine technology — rotors, nacelles, control systems — is knowledge intensive, while research on supporting structure, tower and foundations, remain design and materials intensive.
Issues within Offshore are:
  • The more expensive marine substructures (foundation based and floating)
  • The more expensive integration into the electrical network and in some cases a necessary increase in the capacity of weak coastal grids
  • The more expensive  production and installation procedures and restricted access during construction owing to weather conditions
  • The more expensive operation and management due to limited access, which results in an additional penalty of reduced turbine availability and hence reduced output
  • The complex interaction of loads from wind, current, wave, ice
  • The harsh environment conditions effect on materials
  • The need for a decommissioning planhe need for a decommissioning plan

The following projects within the Centre fall under Theme group 4:


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